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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Newspapers and radio,   pp. 68-69 PDF (425.6 KB)

Page 68

predicted, the Russians will say, "You see-we gave you your
Minister, but he could accomplish nothing." Authorities say
conditions in Poland are ghastly.
Newspapers and Radio
We visited Bad Homburg, a suburb of Frankfurt, the location
for the American control headquarters of press, radio, and motion
pictures. Here we gathered this information:
The Americans are issuing licenses to German newspapers-
recently one has started in Frankfurt. It is managed by a 7-man
Board: 2 Socialists, 1 Catholic, 1 neutral, 2 Social Democrats, 1
Communist. These Germans run the paper as a partnership,
retaining 80% of the gross receipts for operations. The other
20% of the receipts is placed in a blocked fund for possible
re-distribution to the former owner of the paper for the use of
his plant, etc. In my opinion it is not workable. That 7 oddly-
varied people can run a newspaper seems dubious, yet this is the
plan for re-establishing German newspapers.
All radios were closed, as they were controlled outright by
the Nazis. Now they are being operated by the Americans who
believe the time for turning them over to the Germans is a long
way off.
The radio was and is handled in 3 phases:
1) Closed all radios;
2) Replaced German radios by American operation and propa-
3) Some time in the far-distant future, they propose licensing
the Germans to operate their own stations.
Currently on the radio is crop information in German, innocuous
politics, etc. (I am suspicious that a little communistic material
slips in here and there.)
The newspapers also went through 3 similar phases:
1) Closing of all newspapers.

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