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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Scenes in Frankfurt,   pp. 67-68 PDF (448.0 KB)

Page 67

Another G.I. said, "I dream at night that those German bastards
we are fighting now are all my own."
And still another, "Next war we will only have to send the
uniforms-we are leaving enough American babies here."
Another wise-cracked: "Fornication without conversation is not
So it goes-from our fraternizing, always wise-cracking Amer-
ican soldiers.
Scenes in Frankfurt
W~ednesday, August 8
Walking about Frankfurt, we first go to the railroad station
and see people hopefully awaiting trains. A big American tank
carrier is parked outside the railroad station. The driver, a pri-
vate, tells us that it weighs 571/2 tons, carries a crew of 7 men and
that he-only a buck private-is charged with all this responsi-
Visit the Post Office, which was completely razed. In the cellar
we find an efficient working switchboard taking Army calls
and are told that telephone lines, for the Army, had been repaired.
In front of the Farben Building flies the American flag and
the guards on the door are of the 81st Airborne Division. Their
white silk mufflers are made from their parachutes.
A reliable authority told us that Prime Minister Bierut of
Poland had been deported three times from Poland for being a
communist pre-war and an undesirable alien-he is now the
President and Prime Minister. The Soviets have allowed this
eminent Polish patriot to become Vice Prime Minister, and the
Russians also made him Minister of Agriculture. We are told
the Russians have stolen all the agricultural implements from
Poland and that when winter comes, the Poles will evict their
patriot Minister for being unable to feed them, and then, it is

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