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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

More fraternization talk,   pp. 66-67 PDF (465.8 KB)

Page 66

juice (the wood alcohol that went into the V-E bombs). The
Russians who drank it at the beginning became uproariously
drunk and many of them died. Some of the remaining Russians
did not drink the buzz-bomb juice so rapidly. Finding that nothing
apparently happened to them, they all drank the liquid. In the
course of 3 weeks, 500 of them were down with paralysis, and
are now in the hospital.
Everyone says the Russian D.P.s are the hardest to handle
they fight with German soldiers returning home. The UNRRA
appears to have a terrific job. (A personal-and I might add
an editorial observation-is that I do not think they are equal
to it, and am afraid they are not efficiently administering the
American taxpayer's money.) We were told later that food is
being sent into Yugoslavia by UNRRA; that it does not reach
the civilians but is fed to Tito's communistic army. This and
many other similar stories lead me to believe that the work of
UNRRA should be done by the Army, or administered by the
Red Cross.
Frankfurt received its heavy beating from bombers that came
over enroute to Berlin and, when the weather closed in, dropped
their bombs on Frankfurt. Hanover got 20,000 tons of bombs,
compared with the 40,000 tons dropped on Britain during the
entire blitz.
More Fraternization Talk
One hears much talk in Frankfurt about fraternization between
the G.I.s and the German girls. Some G.I. made the wise-crack-
"Maybe the German girls ain't got as much as the American
girls, but what they got is here."
Another fellow said, "I hate those German dames. Their men
shot at me in Africa and in France." But a G.I. remarked, "This
guy is married and has a wife in America. Other guys with not so
much mileage on them may feel differently."

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