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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Slaughter of gestapo,   p. 60 PDF (238.6 KB)

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Slaughter of Gestapo
The Shell Oil Building is about 10 stories-a modern office
building. Here the German Gestapo were quartered during the
German occupation. Through the Underground-the British hav-
ing dropped a parachuter in Denmark-arrangements were made
with the Danish patriots to bomb the Shell Oil Building on a
specific day in February, 1945.
When the day arrived, it was foggy, which made flying impos-
sible, so new contacts were established and the raid was "laid
on" for the following month.
The Nazis held a number of Danish patriots as hostages on
the top floor of the building, doing this to preclude the possibility
of bombing. The British were so informed and were asked to try
to hit the side of the building, to save the Danish patriots.
They sent 18 Mosquitoes-2 Rolls engines, 2,000 H.P., liquid
cooled, built by Packard Motor-which carry 2 bombs, 4 20mm
cannons, and 4 machine guns. Then the Mosquitoes came in,
bombed the side of the building and killed 120 of the German
Gestapo, while the Danish patriots on the top floor escaped. Of
the Mosquitoes, 6 were lost.
The Danes and the British bemoan the fact that on the day of
the raid there was a funeral of one of the important Germans, and
so many of the Gestapo were out of the building, but the Danes
were delighted that the Gestapo headquarters were destroyed, and
give the Australian wing of the British RAF the freedom of the
city whenever they come to Copenhagen.
Sights in Copenhagen
The British Town Major arranged for our hotel and mess in
Copenhagen-at the Terminal Hotel. We observed as we walked
about the city that the people all looked exceptionally well. While

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