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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

An army without hatred,   pp. 58-59 PDF (461.3 KB)

Page 58

ment. The Army used 35,000 sacks of cement to repair the Fug-
hagen airport, now used by the Americans.
We were also told that the British did a great job of sacking
the city when they arrived first. Apparently looting is not only
confined to the Russians; the British and Americans also engage
in this great European pastime.
Visited a large concert hall Sunday morning, in which 200 to
300 soldiers were attending divine services.
We were informed that about 45% of Germany is occupied by
the Russians, 25% by the British; 20% Americans, and 10%
The streets of Bremen are piled with rubble. There is a large
church standing in Bremerhaven-everything else about it is
entirely wrecked.
Colonel Skinner, in charge of rehabilitating the Europa, told
us that they are flying the dining-room and galley equipment
from the United States, as all the silverware and china from the
Europa had vanished-the Germans no doubt have buried it some-
An Army Without Hatred
Col. Cohen, the medical officer, said, "I am a Jewish fel-
low. I should hate these people but I cannot. A little girl came
yesterday for medical attention for her father. I gave it to her."
There is no indication of any American officer having any
hatred for the Germans. First they give you the impression that
they are terribly tough. Then, after you talk to them a while, they
say the German population must be fed, and tell how the Germans
are industrious workmen; how we are using them for the conduct
of civil affairs, etc. Before the conversation is finished, you get
the impression that our Army has no hatred. Our boys have done
their job, won the war, and forgotten hatred.
Everywhere in Bremen, as in other parts of Germany, you see

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