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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

A crowded chapel,   pp. 56-58 PDF (740.2 KB)

Page 56

looked absolutely beaten and, crowded on the deck, they stared
at us with expressionless faces. They would be put in the prison
camp for the night and the next day entrained to their various
homes, in the same way the British handled them.
Motored on the autobahn back to Bremen and spent the night
as guests of General Vaughn, Commander of the Bremen enclave.
Again we saw a beautiful "liberated" home, belonging to the
owner of a large flour mill.
A Crowded Chapel
Sunday, August 5.
Up early and off to church. I walked from the General's home
to St. Joseph's Hospital in which there is a small chapel. It was
built to accommodate not more than 75 to 100 people, but there
were at least 300 people attending Mass. The faces were all sad.
Virtually the entire congregation received Holy Communion.
After Mass the priest gave Holy Communion to a young girl who
was on a stretcher in one of the aisles; probably another casualty
of a war bombing. I spoke to the priest after Mass; he asked
me if I would tell his brother in New York that his mother and
sisters were alive and were awaiting a letter from him.
Returned to General Vaughn's home for breakfast and then
toured the city with Col. Daley. Saw the famous old Hillman
Hotel-entirely demolished; visited a theatre with 1,500 seats
intact, taken over by the Red Cross for an amusement center of
the G.I.s; went to a large athletic stadium known as Ike Stadium,
where all G.I. athletic competitions are held; visited a fine ter-
race club on the Weser River, used by G.I.s.
Here as everywhere one sees beautiful blonde children. They
are very friendly and, unlike those in the British zone, they shyly
come up to you. The officers and men pick up the babies and give
them candy and gum. One of the German towhead babies had
learned to count to ten in English-very cute.

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