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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Through bad weather to Brussels,   pp. 49-50 PDF (452.6 KB)

Page 49

We had an excellent dinner in Saunders' headquarters, which
was the fine residence of a German doctor-again, another
"liberated" house.
Through Bad Weather to Brussels
Friday, August 3
I walked through the village of Bad Oeynhausen, down through
the public park in the city. My path led to beautiful bathhouses,
this being a famous watering resort in Prussia. There was very
little damage here other than indications of some street fighting.
As I passed the British Tommies, they looked at me in disgust
as if I were a German; but when I greeted them with a "Good
Morning'," their expressions warmed immediately.
After breakfast we motored through Minden back to Buckeburg.
where we were to go by special British plane to Brussels. The
weather this morning was misty, with low-hanging clouds. 'When
we arrived at the airfield we were told that the weather prevented
flying. After about 2 hours waiting in the mess tent, having tea
and a sandwich, the pilot informed us that although it was still
very misty he could see the end of the runway and we would take
off. This I did not particularly care for; I dislike flying in bad
weather, and besides this, the airfield in surrounded by hills 300
or 400 feet high, and I did not relish crashing into one of these
hills. But we went, and the pilot made a perfect take-off, circling
the field through the soupy fog, and in a few minutes flew up into
the sunshine over the clouds.
We flew for a matter of about an hour and a half; then dropped
down under the clouds with a ceiling of about 500 feet. Beneath
us was the beautiful Albert Canal. In about 15 minutes we came
down at the airport in Brussels.

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