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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Flying to Germany,   pp. 39-40 PDF (493.9 KB)

Page 39

German prisoners were being marched to and from work policed
by negro sentries. A Victory ship, the Montcalm, carrying 1,400
troops, was sailing for home we watched her pull out. A phono-
graph truck on the pier played, "Give My Regards to Broad-
way," "Auld Lang Syne," etc. It brought a lump to my throat-
remembering similar occasions in France during the last war.
There was a sign on the Montcalm put up by some ingenious G.I.
-'Ferry from Yonkers to Jersey."
Everywhere one see jeeps. Every G.I. has a sign on his jeep
such as Honey Chile, She's My Baby, I've Had It, Salty Joe,
Texas Pete, and every other conceivable name.
At Camp Philip Morris we were met by Col. French, a neighbor
from Rye. We visited the officer's mess, saw the meals being pre-
pared by German cooks; the Mess Sergeant was eager for us to
taste the apple cake, which was delicious. For dinner they were
having hamburgers, beans, coffee, and apple cake. Here was a
camp that has been built in less than 3 months and will hold
upwards of 25,000 men, all under canvas. We inspected the
hospitals, dispensaries, sleeping quarters, shower baths. While
one would not call this place the most comfortable spot in the
world, it certainly is modern and sanitary to the nth degree.
Again the engineers have constructed sewerage, streets, tele-
phone lines, water systems, etc. Col. French, an aviation officer,
said that the engineering forces were the unsung heroes of the
war-they built air strips under fire, built docks under fire.
Though their ranks were continually being decimated, they never
stopped work-no job was too big for them.
We took off from the airfield at 9:30 and arrived back in
Paris at 11:30 p.m.
Flying to Germany
Thursday, August 2
There was a note for me from John Brebner, Minister of News-
papers for Great Britain, that an appointment had been made for

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