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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

The Petain trial,   pp. 24-25 PDF (459.3 KB)

Page 24

Motoring in from Orley field we saw many German tanks along
the road destroyed or overturned.
As arranged in London, met my friend, Commander Noel Vin-
cent, R.A.F. He has to his credit some 70 air missions over
Germany, and wears the American D.F.C. as well as the British
D.F.C. I took him to dinner at the Ritz the only meal I ate
in Europe away from the Army mess. We were served cheese
souffle, peas, ice cream made from water, and a bottle of chain-
pagne-$60 for 3 people.
We were again quartered at the George V Hotel. One of the
employees told me that during the war the hotel was occupied
by Field Marshal von Runstedt and his staff of 50 officers. I
asked the employee what kind of a man was von Runstedt. He
replied that he was a quiet, dignified person who bothered no one.
His food was served him by a German Mess Sergeant. The officers
did not disturb the hotel and were, generally speaking, well be-
haved. It did not seem to make much difference to hotel em-
ployees as to who were occupying their hotel-Germans one day,
Americans the next. They bow to everyone.
All the French papers today have big headlines proclaiming
the great popular victory of the English elections, indicating that
France is Left and progressing further that way.
Saturday, July 28
Walked to the headquarters of the Army to arrange our trip
through Germany. Strolled through the Champs Elysees, visited
the Scribe Hotel headquarters for the war correspondents.
The Petain Trial
An obliging reporter drove us in a German captured motor car
to the Ministry of Justice to see the Petain trial. I had obtained
a reporter's pass through our Hearst office. The courthouse where
Petain was being tried was on the Left Bank, close by the Notre

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