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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

The British elections,   pp. 20-23 PDF (1.0 MB)

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happens to be on an official junket like ourselves, and I am
further told that ladies are taboo-that in the George V Hotel
in Paris they are not admitted except occasionally as dinner guests
with the permission of the Commanding Officer.
Have eaten just as well here as at home, because we are Army
guests, and the Army receives top priority on everything. We go to
Paris Friday evening. General Lee will then brief us over
Germany, assign us a conducting officer and send us on our way.
It seems incredible but I am told there is a plane leaving every
twenty minutes for home from Paris.
My friend, Noel Vincent, plans to meet us in Paris this week-
end. He is a British Wing Commander comparable to a colonel
in our Army, and has received many top decorations for a superb
war record. He now flies a Mosquito plane which does 400 miles
an hour. Ben McPeake tells me that Noel is eager to show me a
lot of Europe in his plane. If Noel takes us about (which I am
sure he cannot) I can please you and see Europe from the air
in two or three days, but I do not know what the Army plans are.
Thursday, July 26
With a few days to spend before taking off for Paris, this
morning I walked over to the tailor who used to make suits
for me. The price formerly was $60 to $70 per suit; today it is
$120 with a 6 months' delivery date. I was told by the firm that
they now have 18 tailors working where formerly they had 400.
A lady's tailored jacket and skirt in London today costs about
There is little for purchase in the shops-London has really
felt the war as far as consumer goods are concerned. During the
winter, a fresh peach cost $2.50.
The British Elections
About noon the election returns began to come in and it was
quickly seen that Churchill was badly defeated. This was a great

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