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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

A message to Honey,   pp. 19-20 PDF (493.3 KB)

Page 19

Being built were some new American pre-fabricated houses-
modern and good-looking-consisting of two bedrooms, bath,
kitchen and living room. These are an experiment for future
building operations over here. The rebuilding job in England
will require millions of man-hours of labor and tremendous in-
dustrial activity.
After lunch with McPeake and our lawyer, discussing business
and tax problems, we went to our magazine office to meet mem-
bers of the staff. Fortunately the office was never hit. Four
different buildings which we have occupied here in London were
all razed, but the present location came through.
I recall that when we rented the present quarters in 1935 our
manager said to me, "If we ever have another war, this will be a
fine spot for air bombing, as it is almost adjacent to the Victoria
Station (a leading railroad station comparable to Grand Central),
with Buckingham Palace a short distance away." Fate decreed
otherwise. The building we moved from in Queen Victoria
Street was wrecked and the present building undamaged.
McPeake's home was occupied during the war by General de
Gaulle and family. The waitress is profuse in her praise of de
Gaulle. She says, "He is a fine family man with three children
and a lovely wife who remains always in the background."
A Message to Honey
Dropped in at Rainbow Corner-one of the large American
Red Cross clubs here. Had a nice visit with Rebecca Stickney,
who is managing the canteen. Rebecca looks very well, sends her
love to you and tells me that she is going to return to New York
in the not-too-far-distant future.
Honey, the only thing lacking here is your presence and how
you would be interested in seeing everything we are seeing! We
will certainly do it next year together. I am told there is an
absolute ban now on non-essential travel over here, unless one

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