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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

G. I. revelations during hop to London,   pp. 15-17 PDF (734.6 KB)

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G.I.s it was to me a complete reenactment of Paris as I had seen
it in the last war.
Back to the George V for luncheon. We were introduced to
General Lee, Commanding General of Command Z and General
Eisenhower's aide in handling the Paris district.
The General, very gracious, told us that he was delighted to
have us at the hotel. He hoped, however, it would not be a prec-
edent for more civilians to come. He had received letters from
General Somervell and Secretary Patterson asking him to extend
us full courtesies. Accordingly, the courtesies of the European
theatre were ours.
Having asked for accommodations to London that afternoon,
we were told the plane would be at the field at 4:30 and that the
car would call for us.
At 3:30 Lieutenant Watts took us to Orley Field. While we
waited for the plane, another of our C-54's (the same plane in
which we flew to Paris) came in, and General de Gaulle, with a
French escort, deplaned amidst much fanfare.
G.I. Revelations During Hop to London
Our plane was a paratroop one with two rows of seats against
the port and starboard bulkheads-tin seats, and not very com-
fortable riding. On this plane were thirty G.I.s who had just come
down from Germany and were going to England for a seven-day
leave. All had had a big night in Paris and looked a little weary.
They told us they had blown in a month's pay in one day in Paris.
In the usual G.I. fashion, they were loquacious, grumbling and
One youngster said, "This is a blankety-blank war when you
are going to get killed some way and I suppose I will get mine
in Japan where I am told I will be ordered immediately upon my
return from leave."
Another soldier, when Johnnie and I (the only civilians) came

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