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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Stops in Maine and Newfoundland,   pp. 9-10 PDF (458.4 KB)

Page 9

seas transportation: the plush-seat j ob and the bucket-seat j ob,
the latter being a rather hard riding plane because one is required
to sit on a tin seat across the ocean. We were placed in the plush.
seat one, which has chairs like the reclining chairs on the trans-
continental air lines.
Leaving Washington at 11:05 a.m., we passed the Statue of
Liberty at 12:20 p.m. and then headed directly north up the
Hudson River, following the Hutchinson River Parkway. Strange
as it may seem, at 12:25 we flew directly over our house-I could
see it very plainly from the air. Now I know that all those big
four-motor planes that are continually flying over our house are
transports going to and coming from Europe, as the pilot told me
that it is on their direct route. (How I wished I could have drop-
ped a note to you, Brigie and Richie! )
Stops in Maine and Newfoundland
We had a calm and lovely flight, our first stop being Presque
Isle, Maine, where we arrived at 3:30 p.m. We were met at this
airport by a young Captain who formerly ran a restaurant across
the street from our Boston American. He is a friend of many
of our Boston executives.
Presque airport is an Army base of the Army Transport Com-
mand with a staff of 2,500 and is not a scheduled stop for the
European planes. It is about 10 miles from the Canadian border
and was originally built as a destination point to fly our planes
before we went into the war. U. S. planes were then taken to a
little border village called Holden and were then towed across
the border into Canada, the English buying and taking title to
the planes at Holden.
The place is perfectly equipped. There is ample amusement
for the men: the green countryside is beautiful indeed, and there
is excellent fishing and hunting. The temperature in winter,
however, goes to forty degrees below zero.

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