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Jensen, Merrill (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut

IV. The General Assembly calls the state convention, 7-10 November 1787,   pp. 84-91

Page 84

7--10 November 1787
& In the afternoon of 7 November, the House of Assembly took up
the report of the committee on the Constitution, which had been laid
on the table on 25 October (II above). The report was recommitted,
and the committee brought in a new report consisting of seven resolu-
tions. The House accepted the new report and sent it to the Council.
On 9 November the Council deferred consideration of the resolutions
to listen to the reading of New Castle County petitions recommend-
ing "speedy ratification" of the Constitution and a cession of land
for the federal capital (I above).
The Council then proposed several amendments to the report of
the House committee. The principal changes were: a longer preamble
to express the people's support of the Constitution; an increase in the
number of Convention delegates from seven to ten for each county;
the deletion of the resolution excusing voters from taking the oath
of allegiance; and the addition of a resolution recommending a ces-
sion of land for the federal capital.
The House accepted the amendments on the afternoon of 9 Novem-
ber and ordered the amended resolutions transcribed and sent to the
Council for its concurrence.
The resolutions provided for the election of delegates on 26 No-
vember and the meeting of the Convention on 3 December. They
were ordered published in the Delaware Gazette, and one hundred
copies were sent to the sheriffs of the three counties to be displayed
at the "most public Places."
For the House and Council proceedings not printed below, see
Mfm:Del. 18 L-0.

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