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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

A. Responses to ratification and to The Dissent of the Minority,   pp. 646-669

Page 646

York Celebration, 18 December1
Yesterday, one of the delegates of the honorable the Convention re-
turned home to this borough and announced the ratification of the
Federal Constitution, when the inhabitants, fired with honest zeal,
exhibited their approbation by ringing of bells and other demonstra-
tions of joy.
1. This item was printed in the Winchester Virginia Gazette, 28 December under
the dateline of "York, Dec. 19," and reprinted in the Pennsylvania Journal, 2 Jan-
uary 1788. It was probably first printed in the York Pennsylvania Chronicle, 19
December, an issue not located.
Lancaster Celebration, 19 December'
It is with pleasure I inform you, that the people here continue to
be warmly federal. The new Constitution has the advantage of all
great truths. The more it is examined, the more it is admired.
The inhabitants of our town, on the morning of the day their de-
puties in Convention were to return, fired a morning gun, and at
twelve o'clock thirteen rounds were fired out of a piece of artillery
belonging to the state. From that time, until night, all the bells in
town were ringing. I never have been a witness of so much respect
being paid by the people to their delegates, or of more general joy
upon any occasion.
1. Pennsylvania Gazette, 2 January 1788, This account, headed "Extract of a
letter from Lancaster, dated December 20," was reprinted three times inl Philadel-
phia, once in Pittsburgh, and fourteen times from Maine to Georgia by 21 February
1788. For another account of the Lancaster celebration, see the Lancaster Zeitung,
26 December, which stated that the celebration took place on 19 December.
Northampton County Meeting, 20 December'
At a meeting of sundry respectable inhabitants of the county of
Northampton, held at Easton, the twentieth day of December, 1787,
Alexander Patterson, Esquire, in the chair.

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