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Kaminski, John P., et al. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia. Supplemental documents (part 2)
[10B] (2019)

Virginia House of Delegates proceedings on resolutions on a Second Constitutional Convention, 30 October 1788,   pp. 910-911

Page 910

Mfm:Va. 351
351 Virginia House of Delegates Proceedings on Resolutions on a
Second Constitutional Convention, 30 October 17881
Th Ci fe tha   c  iif  fth Fof or ierthe dy;refolved-itfel f-int11o i iuefIN i Imit fe-mrthe-
('c CniantnoelHTiTIterfonc time (pit therin, Mr. Speakcr reftirned the chair, and Mr  (r reporrcIFehiT
-  theconrnittce-hd,-according to order again had the flateofthe Cotsm f  ti aitderthesrconfideitaiorl and-bad-
ConuC to feveral refolutions thereipon,  s hich he rild in his place and afteriturdi delivvred in t the Clrkstab e here
the fa-ic wrete again read, and are as foll6 teth.
WN\ iERE AS the Contentioi of t5legatesd'fkth ptople 6 this Crid Weth, dd ratif: C  Miibri ofFor  0(
'; ce-ennrt for the UilitdSttes; referred to m for tir comfW  ibjnd did affededire, that fund'yiadra
1rz _to-aceptionablc parts of the-fame ought to he adopted;  -Lhrft the ';licnd '-atr cofhe  enmndtn- -
ut-bl~y-thc aid Convention, inyveall the Ctet eflcntial and nali  S i0htsiberti.ind  rivileget_
ficenien; rany of wthich if not cancelled aec  r ridtred infecute trndnrthef aid ConR ttion tintil th t e fll7!
tred and entided.*
rAf' cd, 7bat it is ihe opinion qfthis  &//f  I6fA h pr qie(tlngt t n'indftfily  o i   0hit f btrmb cith;'
Krnd fectring their dearftl rihts ind libeties, ttnd pveating thoft dildedi  ,'11hich rruf'arlCe unidCr4 governIent ndci
ftuiided in the conf dence of thc people, application be made to the Corigrefb of the.tJnited SatiesTfo(ori as they fhalf,
affemblC under the faid Conflitution-to call a Convention for propofing amendrnrits to the ame, gccordingto th-
toode thei'ein ditc~led.
Acl,/ved, That it is -ie oplition oftis coi ts/tter, That a Iommitts &0ght tP. e upaitied o dra'r tip ind tepoft tb thif
I oulc a proper inftruient ofvrittrin, diremng tbe enfe ofthe CeticrtLAfaiby, anid  ditiring'ut thereafonds whilt
inducethemr t ui'ge fhcii applicition thus carly for the 6llingcthe'aforeflid  k nefi v orf ofthetet.1 H
Refokeed, Thal itis the opinion of iblicoirnrnee, Thit thefaida tbeitthd tig To1e ihfrtrdd eto oreat clf<
lettcr in anfrNer tdniId tetelved from his Exccltlecy  r6oECLI +to-Efqulr'e, Prefideneof the Convtption offewd
Ark, and . citcular leftet on the aforbrtid fubjea, to the &ihetStates ltithe Utiiott "rellivof th  h9ftheG6era4
A'cmblyof this Comrnmoiealth,  that they mayjoin in atiTapplicatictt tbtlihNEoONGRS); too
of the States fo foon as the Congefs Ihall airemblc under the New Conflitutish,      -S
Aifl~th Tld 'i'<rMiru bcjng rel-crifly tigatonr*ad, hs inbi6t~tris h'sade, diAd the altiffliorybeing piit to itilend th'6 frik,
by firilin outltf;oh thi. word ,'ii"'ss" In tht frll line tothetisd, A:nd infctthig inlieu thereof, the fAlowling dfrds-i
E WE IREAS (1e tic!gI sts Appoiiired to rt preenit thegoodpecoph* at this Coni'thortwealth in the late Cori-evnti6rit held
tli stnmrub of Js l'i, dii   r b their  ' '1fl the -th of the famemiinth affnt to,-And -rarify the Conifitarion ietcm-
merndedri-inth~t  thdoiyofsf oie 8, h the  iceal Convezntion forthegov-nm6r ufthelri- d Scates,declarin
tchldiesih n tilth-r   in pp 01 thei fQ!farcher of hi'xrts for the putily of their intentions) under the c6nviltion t rhat
wh:4tl~oever impeid timatigit cri ifii the. Confltution, drughl rAthcr to be ekaniined inthe mode preferibed thcdi,.
thin to britsg the Udiuoi ito dn"r by 1 delaw, wvitfi Ed1pe of obtaibihg arbthdments, prcvious tb the ratification
"AND WtinLPac. s inIIptor 1un c(;oflthpl'.Iiddeoclar o1 1 ffrn _ConciiiFoli~dilfbfyll-r Itblequent-ack-of-th"?th-of_7tink
afo-re ftl, agrec to fuch:i p ighrn1  I ~to >t 1di1!inition oftovernment fot- the United tiles, as were by therr deein-
'c ~ccary to be 'ccon!ii'nld to the c6iffickration of the Ccingreds, which-thall firfi afleTnble under the tid Coiflitu..
"tion, to be aded upoln accordig- to th iodc prefcribcd in the fifth article thereof, at the fam time ctijom ing it upor
their rcprtledtatiiiefit, Con re:S, to exeri all thcir influerice and ife all reafonable and legal methods, to obtain a rai-
wTriation'of ihe Tringateration  nd proviltons in the manner provided by thle fifth article of the faid Conflitution;
and in all Con-ii'noa , il 1 mrs to be paffed in the nican time, to coiI fori to the fpirit ofthicfe amcndniies, as far as tht
".fIld Conflitution WoulI anmit
"ReJr vi-edbf e% ial it iobrop niz ofthe coiymuc, That an Ap-iicatioh ought to be made, in the rlame itnd on the bli-
halfof her Leillatore of this Conim :sislth;to the Congrefs 6 the United States,"fo foon as they thall affemble undei
"the faid Conthtut on, to pars an all re.cq mtiendiig to the Legiflituies of the feveral Stats, the ratification of a Bill -of
F1ights, Mnd of crtain africles ofl-endnents.propofed by the Convention of this tiAte, for theadoptionofthe-United-
'Stles, ithilaluntil the rad ad (lI eill  hti itied in pIerfuanceof the fiftharticle of the faid Cotilitution of government-
b> the UnitCd SLates, Congrfs do confirin their Ordinan cs to the true fpirit of the laid Bill ofRights--anlarticIcs of
amelldnr it.-
Refli.  a it7, 1 isa ;th ltah cfmhir cc:*ie  That the Executive ought to be intrudled to tranfmit a copy of the
frugoing refution to the Congrels of thE. Unoited States fo fon as they shall affemble, and to ihelegilatures aniLEx-.
"ccutive Auth6ritis oefeacl State in the Uinon."
It pallid in the negi:v.      AycC f9 .-Noes 15.
Tiht Ayresanid Noe cb  called forl-by Mr. Band froanderlby 1r. Turertitdle.
'I The~r th!s of tlt who ve: J in the A nitie fare, ranciS U/hr Z cJaiah fsn/  John 'fote, 7of'ph Swtaringren Aartit A'pf..
oa, La-wreirre 2 rgaCle, Rer  it/7, 1),bid', 'Smari, Wilam trunt r"fobAr Shornian Woodcok, Thomas Sintib George C!endinen, Daniel
ijher, Ize  L, ' Ifr  . IIrcA, i l Broadbrad, Lalin $q iith, 7/,iliam Thorntonj Daniel Fitzhu-h, Bernard Ahire, Tvds,--
Pindrd, Levin Ptw!, Rubard .Hn,'J Le,, IV'lIiam Qv,!ton  J//ir, Ricbard Alorris, 'Jame Knox, Samud4 Taylv-y Frait Corbin, RalpA
Wrorn!<y, Thoma/   it  /  W./l t, Hardin Burl/, Jona Uan Par/ins, John khort, George Lai Tarber ile, Francis Kerdtey,' Ge6rge*.
Baxter. Yamer IWi n,,,, a',d /Ai,7 4.-

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