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Kaminski, John P., et al. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia. Supplemental documents (part 2)
[10B] (2019)

John O’Connor’s Fourth of July speech, Norfolk and Portsmouth Journal, 16 July 1788,   pp. 903-906

Page 903

.11fm:Va. 329
329 John o*Connors Fourth of July Speech, Norot ad
Portsaeouth Joural, 16 July 1788
Subtlance of a SPEECI-
Mr. John O'Connor,
On the Anniverfary of Amer;cai.Inde.
endence, and the celebration of the
union of Amrca. by Ten Sifter Staics
adopting the New Covernment.
Spire ly p ricaler Repro..
Mr. Pewtient. and -
T      HQ U G II my easionh athe caue
of our merting on this memorable
dlay ar, like yonrs, t)p rerilt of j'y
ad gratutatics, the part aflg'd to me for
a'1ion far rxctes.the compare of my powers.
though it as I duty I muft endeavour'to d;r.
charge, from a confciouters that the Cof.e
was confern I from motives honoutahl as well
as complime..tary to my felings.    This
prefcience of infufficdercy, Sir, is aggravauJ,
not only through.she migiitude of the Cubjea,
but the notice inkclf which precludel rpara.
tion to deliver any thing (yaematics'Iy aJquaIe
to the virtuous usufttion of my audience..
Ilm it your genereas Aentimetre of candemur I
conAt, that my impefeaions will find fume
allitiel, tfiecally s I have lon deprted
rom the habit of puhlic fpeaking,.as will I
the Acadeimic (cenes' *here the luxurianc of
ruthfdl fancy teuiteznra rettvncrnt, fo
she fire C;,,-14;tAtson created Inch a mulsitude
of encharting images, Ahch the dreffed'in ro
Inany various )aor  of'beauty, that theCritic'.
art rOutJ not Ie at at. or demnolift fptck,
whicw 4A01d adt projyce a deeietiott the
whole  faemit*.1gr.
But htfore Sir, vQ Iartale of ti  inids
prpatet for this day of j, or end roind the
fervid 6r jactnd arpiration, rfUlr Me to glance
at (ame a Iffrailg fratuies in the hWory of man,
which will rahct sugment that diminief t's
juticc of thofe conceptions. we Av settrtaln
46f out futstrt irograels fance Virgias has
acceded to t conroldatiou.
Is order someafdrathere tipcehtians jud!y,
hibry *m.t he th: foundiot.n. nf com;*a*if.m,
an' the unerring title to cdifsate, eith faitaIle
witl.m. our ps rnt condAson ja J her page
f&r five theranJ years paa arl o triy hideou*
a-14 drfa1c-t nn Inflpettion, as to fur:.Id
Mines of prftcastion and wil Itini to all nitions
who have meani to col'er, virtue to e   ralce,
and (pirit so errit bar iers agant ithe violenc
uf ambit i 'n-ar ar:sirint to Invade thi pro.
perta nf the wrak ant defenceld*., in vsIiti-n
ot pia1ee an I defued righ's. Iet every age and
cnontsy of the warld. whore mi hty M mar.
hes andI Edshies we fintl *Sablithed by thI
To int's fward ; not the shin*a rawis, hut the
fu A m as of rspine. and the tota dett.vuaw*
of natkind in raIny drc!s of the globe, while
their own elea'ion (of depopulating nations
rwrit the epithet) am define are oraed to
fi*nitakr Vures and piriciples.  rery retson
therefore in th great volume of human tian.
CI*iess, loudly and emph tically called on the
United Sta s to draw cl ofer the fcicbl cords of
Ev-ents, Sir, removed frOw humtan eye. and
conlqusentl from our paelionsand fenfdbi;iies,
eith-r by the oSfcure and unexploreJ cusauin
of time. or even the remwnosefs of at ce and
a~lion. Aightly a#Tfe the heart. incon4tcrate
enomugh. :o en**eluds Ciat %ccis erts and re.
reres of war and fortune to whk4h wh ale em.
pires have been exprd, may nevar revert
ara;n and diltur the hepherd in his pafture or
vnes. There primwval artedeluvian conclu.
(sons are at th;s perid of hum3n knowledge
rkfrialous and fantlstic. Power, wifdom and
PyraUtion, the offoring of union and ths
pIfPs of heavei, to shaft who will ace pt their
at, are the M"eams to which we mui comiie
all our frcuerity againtl a Tyrant, who, met
wvithtut precedent. might build as, uiVini, a5
brick and lithe, v fo many mages to ornament
has ecnfores. or to iarsO his painters to
trarfit the true pilure cf sagny, wiic the
pw-netrr f  ,tdd hs e Is with the varety of
goans which. from the strengib or isetility
et ut-ch s crowd of fruerers, lormed a fpecies
of Aecathler* -.ncert too dhocking for the heart
even of the cailoue Iv? revfie  oe.- Fiftv
stlAufand uren, irifoners of war, in co% blood
were led oit and lw:aite.l1 to a man, in the
pe'rc. of thec rut..  Woody coJ  ero.

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