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Kaminski, John P., et al. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia. Supplemental documents (part 2)
[10B] (2019)

Broadside announcing Virginia ratification, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 2 July 1788 (Evans 45393),   p. 900

Page 900

Mfm:Va. 284
284 Broadside Announcing Virginia Ratification,
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 2 July 1788 (Evans 45393)
July a2d, 1788.
The Ratification of the New Conflitution by the
Convention of the State of Virginia, on Wed-
nefday the tsth June, by a majority of io ; 88
agreeung, and. 78 diflenting to its adoption.
st       E ti  Delegates f the Peo.
V    Plc ok  Virgtspla, duly eIied
ta Pfudesece of a Recmmaendaton of
the Osacral AflArbly- and sow met I
Convatioe, havig flly nd faily is.
4setigated 0ad diire  he Proceeding4
i4 the Fedeal Co7:auio6, and being
epreod as well s the mo mature De*
liturasea will enable set dc*We there*
be, 100, e    Name sd o Behalf of
the People o Virgisih, declare and
AMake ksowus, that the Powere granted,
aDda ehe Colkhetios beln    derived
ftom the People of the Unied States,
may be refamed by them wbra(eecvr
she (ame 6all be perverted to their i.
)ery at Oppredes, sad that every Pow.
er ne geeted teeby reisise with them
anmd Fat R I ath therefore so
gthIs, of spy aolSe. cas b
ceaseled, abridged, rtitalsJ ot modi*
Led by the Coegrds, by the IaesseS
or Houfe of Retestaive, easeg ie
any C'edieyp by the Prefideat, or
any Deparaniat or Oscar of the Uitied
l , ecep to thefe Isdances whdre
Is gives by the CoAitton for
thefe Pu   W I Tb aso    other gf.
ial Rghtss Liberr of Cood*
oc, sad of the Ptef* 0ae  be case
cl", abridged, reitrased or modiSed
by ay Anthwky I the Uald SUaeS
W1'h there Impresciis, with a fatema
Appeal to the Searcher of Hearts for be
Purity of oar lateallons, and gSade the
-Coovidise, that wh rfoever Iepededi-
one may eit Is the Cliltution, ought
rather to be easmined in the Mude re.
(ctibed thereis than to bing the  t*
* be lte tasger by Delay, with a Hope
of obtainlag Amadseets Previous td
the Raticatios I
We the rad Dlegfen, li to fissie
and is Behalf of the People of Y ginia,
do b hef preeats affeat to and ratifl
the C    iui tios, recoatheaded on he
syth day ef Seftember, 737, by the
1edeal Coorsation for the Oiutrnment
If the United States I hereti senounc.
ipg to all thof whoul it mhay codcers,
that ibe (aid Coeoitrioes is banding up*
ea the (aid People, according to as sue
thentic copy herasto asnexed, ia the
Words ftloolag :".-     .
IHere coums i he CooBitudos.]
. A  Letter from  Richmend advifes,
that a Motise for previous Amendments
wAS reje&d bi A Majority of E'ght J
but that fome sys would be paled In
eeMGderi  1b4(equent Amendmeatso
  thf-k appeared froom the temper
ef theWad be rios-

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