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Kaminski, John P., et al. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia. Supplemental documents (part 2)
[10B] (2019)

Newspaper printings of Virginia Convention minutes,   pp. 661-665

Page 661

Mfm:Va. 204
2-04-Newspaper-Printings ofVirginia Convention Minutes
A. Minutes, 2 June
Virginia Independent Chronicle, 4 June 1788
T            TA 0'CNVENTI&N,
Monday, t/e'dfune, 17         .
N which day, ,bing the da aptintcld
by thetefolutions of the (Ycnc  1 Af.
lmby fdr.the meeting 'of the Convention,
ich of the membcr  as appeared, attended
At the State Hlokf: and tuok their feats in Con-
N'entioh 4 andi,.,a*majotity olihewhole nun-
ter, being prefectil
. Ordered,-That Mr. John    cckley, be ap-
poined .Secretary to the Co1venoti6.
The 1-onorable oEdmund Pendleton, was
nominated, . apl unaimczjy eleed, Pre
lent of the- Convention.        :
- On motion, Ordered,.Tha tthe Rev. Ab.
ncr Waugh be appointed Chaplai   to the Con-r
vention, and that he attend to, read Prayei:s
every morning jn the'.H6ife, Jmrediately
after the bell fall be rang fo ,calling the
H-oulec.             ',  .: : .   . '   .
Ordered, That William Drin@ zrLntor )
and William Drinkard, junior, b'idppointid.
door keepers to the, Convention, 'nnd that
they feverally give, their attendant: accord-
ingi y.
On motion; Ordered   That a Co mmtt
of Priviligcs  ndEt1ions he apponed1
And a Committee was appointedl; 6TMr
Benjmn 1arrifon, Mr. George. M     faho  -
1is Excellency- Governor Randolph, Mr.
lenry, Mr. <George Nichoh, Mr. Jorn
M YarthalI, MVr. PaJIl Cairintork yhv'Tyl r,
Mr.:Alexander,, Wli      Mr Blani, mr.
31and, Mr. Graylon, M.- Fifhvr' Mr. Mi.,
thcwz, Mr. Joh Jonecs,. MV. Wyte, Mr.
WVilliam: Cabell, Mr James.Taylorr if CA.-
roline, Mr. Gabriel' -Jones,- Mrt Corbii;
Mr. Innes, Mr. Monroe- Mr. iHenry'LeP,
nna Mr.-Bullit 'v,~
Ordered, i'That the: CominitteeOfPritlign.
and Eleaions do examinc and reprt the re-
turns for elecing Delegaies to.ferirdin till
Convention ;, and, that in -cafre, -whre no
returns are made, it be iinflrihoib to thy
Thid Cornittee,' torceive fuch:-eidence as
the fitting roeniber (hall produce of his elec-
tion, and report the famc ?o ' theCornvention.
On motion, Orderid, That Mr: Edmunill
Pendleton, jun. *be ..ppointed clerk of the
Committee of Pritileges and Elemthons.
A peLition of Thoma Stith, ofth cou
of Erui'vick, .was prefen ed, to the -oite,
and read, complAining. of an ihkue elelioti
and rettirn of.Binns..j ones, Efguire, one of
the Delegates ,returnd', 14 (erve in this Con-
vention for theLaid county of Brunlivick.
Ordered, Vh'at he faid .ptition be referrqd.-
to the Conrmitte of Privieges andelea aso,
that they d"o c'amine th C.,m tter;the of arid
repoit.thefame, withtheir pqt lion thereupon,
to the1Ioif'e. .      .               K
On mct:on, Ordered; That Mr.     ugtif
tina Dav ;eb, apposnted Prnoter-to the .Co6
vention, and that he caufe to be iruck, forth
with, two hun red  oples of, the plan   f
Fxderal Government aff6 two hunidrC Ca-
pies of the refolutions oi tlih Gnericil Alrem.
bly of the.zth of Oao      i ) t he diir-
buted among the mcmbers of ths Conlven,
Qn mot on, Ordered, _That, the Conven.
tion be a'djuriied until to-morrow morrwin(r
(1yen o'ckck, then to meet atthbeNe vAca-
<Iemy, on Shbckc-I-Iill,. i this City..
1. For reprints, see RCS:Va., 910, note 1.

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