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Kaminski, John P., et al. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia. Supplemental documents (part 2)
[10B] (2019)

The Society of Western Gentlemen revise the Constitution, Virginia Independent Chronicle, 30 April, 7 May (extraordinary) 1788,   pp. 537-543

Page 537

Mfm:Va 190
190 The Notiety of Watern centlemen eviw. the conaltlutlon.
Virgiuia Independent Chrode, 30 April. 7 May leatraordinary) 1788
ass"dJI Wean s t SS.4% S. make ime
end 06oneside $" the (rate of a wsn)iy *(
INh Colse$ss *I the tie,.re1 Susses.
A IFCLAKA I104 **f it 1 It TS. sor
i - reminoaclest kepuablecss e.0w*****.
W      II E It t A 3 the bapses of mwan.
I settlent ially depends upon the
periociples es goverment which bave been
adopts!, or w Iy gradually be setlced by
the (Aeleties in whkhtcy dwel ane what.
a* the fuItai.,ental $ulte of a civi fucdety,
hkvi the (&-v  terndency to entrate the
fittuoms difpetisians of  cod Governors,
and retrain the %fc, of ad oet, as any
other plin6iples of enurality have to frmt
the niarnets aed thauadlers of iodivide.
*i:- Ilherc(ore we tihe people of tle Unit*
ed Mlatcs, by our repreaentativea Is tul
anl free convention afrehmbled have me*
surely refeelrd on the Inflowing DEICLA*
KtATION    of RloITS, as the ats of
or goernment.
s. Tht.e all n sit Ny ature Cie and
i.adepenulent, and have cert.!n inherent
and unalienable tighss, natmely the enjoy*
log and dteftt..  life a at lkelrely a a..spusre
ing. pu.llefiatg. and proesr'lng proputy
auI pn(ueky adutetaininwg haiats(, sa
l. Tst the duty of At
.ntit.ty God. of C1*aplslnt Alter, a*l peu(
6flitig the truth, ac.-oretieg to the dota.tes
0- c1.h It ane. g* rqusally Incunbsent oi all
ear    1 Ith inst feesat the! mer** tancsal ill
I.oen ofteren9w,1ec. hoof1iditasy, ansd *s.
*i*i-hmlird l histey, stanyest all rwskls C(
setopkr. the free  etrs ir. ant tes) *ymcat
ad t h1g1use preldrflirws, a. we.wrC.e wh b*
.Wst p.*/.j rew, Ilsall florever lerrater beal
lAn othe  i     n 1- stirol Sta4s*
1   1 hit hte 1atar1 andi s!I lo  test of
all power, is to2 prum 4c the salples pit
nad.elssd a th it all eit l porer Is e tiltJ in,
..nsj straeufld ($gts* tla peoait4 I  'I ma;at
1-4tatre, and ukl re, asstn their tialters
and rdeputi,. antd arc as all times Aqwslest-
abtw toterm.
*. Thot the leit G.e** tf
is ttS wecrh well1 ro lure ihe greate t R tm*
meins g td, with the lesit langer, troubir.
said *tespelt, to lotdividuals, ard wI. oe
*ffelitlly goased againit mil e-aleenStai.
to"I eal when any goavrnmlest so ttnd in -
adtlepuaer to the it "peop fr, the per,18le
file.  a  1*P11  t6 .tt,  If t1.1 *Ihile ilt.  t4mn .
.  5. 11at no mma, dr fet of men, are
eatsled to tiellieve or frparate etele.
meet*Is or pr"legses from the con0snlty,
Nut lot coflderailoq 'of public fervikn I
wherefore no title ef place of hIoor, oc
pwrve, shoueld e* hereditary.
A. Thal the freedom of the peitpl  ef.
feneily derends on their making their
00s  law  I hertfort al cletIons ebaght
III l.*nsit ad fees andi all men hav*
'; 0olic:ant edetntce of permanent Vom.
it. e. atiet with an ettachest is ghe*
r*i*msws'y, have .the. right se Gflfrage I
*nq.ediity, sed all bands f rftrast. taut.
bety andc enesponeeketios., lod4'
tile of frie.!om. an evtat to be Lu  re),
I. That every Indlett.lal lt mclety:hes
a right it be prostas byr  a.lin the st*
J.*Ifnent "f life, 'learly, prospely. and
reputatiln, f nd dlog;ht to Acd a certain it-,
mesdy a' isjuArIe. or wr.ngs, .-
talceing is eIght fvewly, withesut pusts hare,
.comprte, without denial. and lirapily
withs.e: Oelay, according to law.-
.t. That nesll ca pit.  nu csnainal pride.
*rcntiroef ett Kpf40 Ja  a sight to Ise
het iy elT, I. or his cnesdst:1, to  It* .
'maend  se tauf: and nature of is actefj.
I:..o to be ce*usoftfts( With' the accuffee
ased wit nefti  .c al for t1dnate in his
favor, and a fquvtJy public Unal by as le
partial juyT Of Itt ftkage, withoMut ihuate
conett, he tinaut 1W (olda:i  guilty I 6nf
can he he kompelled Is ges e deknct
againlt blnfetf, not can ay man be de
proved of his libultt but by the lawq of
the land or judgmet of his peres.,
p    . That ct 11ve ball ought not Id be
required. nor esieeie Asc Impeed*  *r
puniameaes taIfltitted teedig theafero
0f 1be evisme I for If pathAfsntAt*were
proportioaed to crimes, humanity, 60.
Read of pkeading for the Ciminalo weald
tall fur their esecution.
so Every perfoe has a fight 'ie loli
hieeklf, his bouok, papers, and potteites
free from (earch or Isure, therreec   ge*
neral wacrants in (tire sti peefdon a his
Petprpecrty. ethelt evidence of a fat corn*
mnattel, asi a particular defripties of hi
nNleunce, are  erwenes and. oppreve  *4
cnglht rot it) Ie fro, te'

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