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Kaminski, John P., et al. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia. Supplemental documents (part 2)
[10B] (2019)

The Virginia General Assembly calls a state convention, 31 October–2 November 1787,   p. 235

Page 235

Mfm:Va. 11
1 1 The Virginia General Assembly Calls a State Convention,
31 October-2 November 1787
A. Resolutions Calling the State Convention, 31 October 1787
1 the HOUSE of D ' EGATES,
Thy!y,9e 2-5        of/ C   cha, 1797.
R    SOLVED      rE    nfr, vat the ploceedins of thE  LI4CConvetion truinfitted to the G-n1l
Jr.Aflinliv     r a    e rr.d ,i-s if CoIngrcl be fubueid w 4. Coilvn4onI4 dI popic Ir scir IL .and
am- in.citytso.:,duicn,an   eti.  Thar every citizen bein? a freeholder in this commonwal:h be eli;;ibic to a feAt in the conve-
tion, al rhat tr pe. plicktreorte be not refl-A red in todcr cuoice ol Da ,stes by .my .thcr of ti  klA or
contlititoaml retrIacons wiich confine them ini thc.r chAce of nmepkbers to tLe .
Refoked, TMt it be recommendrd to each county to eled two De'ateo, and to each city, town, or cor
rtnon citcarkd or which sybe ctitded by law to  prkicnrkation in tbe Lcgif.aturt, to clect one DeLate tot
ad Colvention.
RfiAve, Tht the quali6cations at the Eledors be the fie widrthofc now cLiBhed by laws for the
choiae of reperntrimves to the General Alirrmbly.
Rfart4   That the leaions for Delegates as afordaid be bc!d at the feveral places appointed by law for
holia 1 aekiart for Delegates to the Generd Afewibly, anJ thabthc Lame be ccnj..:. by the o ders
who condu& the eldions for Delegazes, and conforaubly to the ruLs 2nd regubtion thlrsol.
Rf/cka That the cleiaion for Delegates be held in the rmotth of Airch next, atIhe Eirit day of &.c
court to be eld for ech county,city, orcorporar on reeahvely,.an E.t tEc pefuia fo chden th.i ."iun.ti At
the (bte-hotje in the city of Jichmasd on toe firl dantday in 3'.i.. nx:.
Rh4An  That two thoufand copies of thde refc4utions be forthwith printed, !nd difpered by tb members oC
The General Allembly amon their conflituents, and rtat the xecutuyc tranfomit a copy of them to Conrtii,
bnd to da*Legdatures and utves of the redpcEtbc iLtes.
S JOH N    BEC K LE 2, C. H. D.
1987, &yokr 3YA    greed t" by the Slarte
. 4RoOKA           C.S.

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