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Kaminski, John P., et al. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia. Supplemental documents (part 2)
[10B] (2019)

Edmund Pendleton: annotated copy of the Constitution, post-20 September 1787,   pp. 230-234

Page 230

Oversized Mfm:Va. 2
2 Edmund Pendleton: Annotated Copy of the Constitution,
post-20 September 1787
-4- -
-~ ~- V.
- 4-
~ x4
-.   -~          4
EthePeopl     t    itde      inrder to form
"TEthKTeopl *of the Utit d States, in order to form
a nore perfeet union, eftabliuftice, infuredaneficen luility, provide
rfor the common defence, promote the general welOeand fecure the blefflng-
of liberty to ourtelves and our pofterity, d6 ordain and eilalifi this Conflitu-tion for the
TT-' #&A qt fp* America.
.~    w
'-4 ~
A    R  T   IC    L   E ,_- -
Se..ALL  Mg ltt  powers hrfrehr granted m-Aalb  eogr           of the T itd
States, w-ich fhall confift of a Senate and Houde of fleprefentatives.
Sce. a . The Houfe of Reprefentatives (hall be cornpofedof members chofen every fecond year
by the people of the feveral tates, and the eledors in each Rate lail have the qualifications requ-
fite for eleaors othe moft numerous branch of thf flate legdlature
~                        "------~be a rej~wti---hof  ~~ .K      a tainedh  igc~oJ%          i n
us a citizen-'flf' 'imedltates-, c 'a-vI1h w o ~  h~~tiL          ~   ~    -        '~-
of that Rate irr which he fhall be choen.
Reprefentatives and dire&t taxes thall be ipportioned among the feveral flates which may be in-
cluded within this Union,according to their refpeaive rumbers, which fliall be determined by add-
ing to the whole number of free perfort, inehtding thofe bound to fervice for a term of pars,
and excludingidians not taxed, three-fifths of all other perfons. The aual enumcrztli thafll
be made within three years after the-fir i meeting of the Congrefs of the United States, nd withi
every fubfequent term of ten years, in fuch manner as they thall by-law direa. 'The number of               J
reprefentatives fhall not exceed one for every thirty thoufand, but each Rate (hall have at. leRAf ore
reprefentative ; and until fuch enumeration fhall be made, the fhate of New-Hampfhire 1a~l -be'en-
titled to chufe three, Maffachufetts eight, 1hode-lfland and Providence Plantations one, Con- ad cut
five, New-York fix, New-Jerfey four, Pennfylvania eight, Delaware one, Maryland fix, Virtina
ten, North-Carolina five, South-Carolina five, and Georgia three.
When vacancies happen in the reprefentation from any Rlate, the Executive authorl- y :creaf  -
IA        flihall iffue writs of elecion to fill fuch vacancies.
The Houfe of Reprefentatives fhall chufe their Speaker and other o-icers; and fhall have the
Af   fole power of impeachment
Sc* 3. The Senate of the Unoited States (hall be compofed!of two fenators from each flate, cho-
fen by the legilature thereof, for fix years; and-ech fenator fhail have one vote.
~'"  Imrnegaty after they (hall be affembled in confequence of the firIt ehIon, they fhall be divi-
ded as4qually as may be into three claffes. The feats of the fenators of the firi clafs (hall be vsca
/wted at the expiration of-the feeond year,of the fecond clafs at the expiration of the fourth)year,an
*41 t1Jl2Ar     h-    biatonof the fxth "i 'fo that one-third my b. cofe evryf------
year; and if -vacancleshapnclrim-c                               c;fuki.
any ftate, the Executive thereof may make tempoiary appointments until the next meetig of the
Lcgilatuec which fball then fill fuch vacancies.
eNo prfon (hail be a fenator who fall-ifotiiv havetatod oxdre-ae  tine                  _
years- a citizen of the United States, and who thall not, when elefted, be an inhabitant of that Iate
for w'hich he fhall be chofen.
The Vice-Prefident of the United States (hall be Prefident of the fenate, but thall have no vote,
unlefs- they be equally divided.
The Senate ihall chufe their other officers, and alfo a Prefident pro temn pore, in he abfEnce 0
the Vice-Prefident, or when he' fhall exercife the office of Prefident of the United States.
The Senate fhall have the fole power to try all impeachments. When fitting for that purpofe,  i, s.. *
they fliall be on oath or affirmation. When the Prefident of the United States is tried, the Chief A
J. i4.   Juitice fhail prefide: And no'perfon flhall be convialed without the concurrence of two-thrds of .
the members prefent.
"I    Judment n cafes of impeachment  hall not extend further than to removal from office, and dif- .
qualification to hold and enjoy any office ofhonor, truit or profit under the United States; but the  me
arty convited fhall neverthelefs be liable and fubjeat to indiament, trial, judgment and puniflh-  eel
Pent, according to-law.
men, a T      tes, pJaces and matner of holding eleEions for fenators and reprefentatives, Thall -b -  A
M -          ker=twth      Wh     heeof      te1ogrlsat41tntim-hy law make a
or alter fuch regulations, except as to theplaces of c  Senators.
-,r, t D~ci,                ni                    4eyfh, etal    an-qblfiaflasofit,-
~~       Se-3. 5. Each houfe flhallbe thejudge of thcenre Urn s adqafctosi~twn          e
bers, and a majority of each thall conitiue quorua-rtoto- befinefs; butamyftnallernhber--
adjourn from day to day, and tay be authorifed to. compel the attendance of abfent memobers, ia
A.           fuch manner, and under fuch penalties as each houfe may provide.
Each houle may determine the riles of its proceedings, punifh its members for dif~rderly beha-'
viour, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.
e.0        Each houfe (hall keep a. journal of its proceedings,, and from time to time publifh the fame, ex.
cepting fach parts as may in their judgment require ferrecy; and the yeas and nays of the members*,
of either houfe on any qucftion Ihall, at the defife of onc-fifth of thofe prefent, be entered outhf
Neer houfe during the feffion of Congrefs, Mh All, without the confent of the other, adj6urn
thaUf                                                            ht      uf4fbl1befittiT~g
for Moret th ce days, nor to any other place than that in which the two houlesfall be t
Se . 6, The fenators and reprefentatives fhall receive a compenfation fo.their-fervices, tob
fmisdby Wlaw  and _id   utof the treafury of the United States. Tcy hall in all cafes, ex-
jtt                         breh of thepeace,e Frivieged from arre dr     thitte         a
A4,i     -     - ,r     .-                - e& c-'#c-

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