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Kaminski, John P., et al. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Virginia. Supplemental documents (part 2)
[10B] (2019)

George Mason in the Constitutional Convention, c. 12–13 September 1787,   pp. 224-229

Page 224

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Oversized Mfm:Va. 1
1 George Mason in the Constitutional Convention,
c. 12-13 September 1787
A. George Mason: Annotated Copy of the Committee of Style Report,
c. 12-13 September 17871
 the Popl ofte Uhid ast                               r r to fqrm
f~tr perfeuP             lifl jfice Yfufil  donUftc  trnqulityT rovide
for the onon defence rmote te geral        elfare a    fecure the  bleflings
oliberty to ourlelycs ad  p( p     yloo      a  ai efablifh this Conf utlo afor the
ljRuit( Sites io{' Atij'"'~c         a 1
.. ALL    legiflative powers herein granred1fhal be VefteJ in Congrefa of the lited
States, which fhall coill. of a Seopte and Houfeof Reprefentatives
Sr&. . The Houfe of Rteprefentatives fhall be compofed of inembrs lhofen every fecond yr ir
by the people of the feveral fiates,and ;be cleaors in eachl Rate jiflallhav  je quablihciounsrequi.
ftC for elegars ofthe rnofb numeroup branch ofttheflitelegiflatur.
No perfdn (hall be arceprefentatitycwho hall not have attaec to the ageo twenty-fiveyears,and
been feven years a citIcen of thbeUtep tates nd whoIhal nc, wihen ele t d be an inhabitant
of that flate in which lie (hall be chole'h4
iReprefentives and direct taxes (hal be aopprtioned among"te fveral flates which may be in-
cluded within this Unionaccorling totheir refpeaivenumbers, which thallbe determined byadd-
ing to the whole number of free perfons,.iucluding thofe bound to fervide for a term of years,
and ecluding Indians not taxedxthree-flths of all otheperfons. .Thd'atualehiumeration fhall
be made within three years after the firflineeting of the Con refsof the United States, and withn>
every fibfequAt terin of"ten yearsin'fuch minner as they (ball by law diret. jThe number of
reprefentatives thaill-not exceed onetfor every forty thoufapd, but each fate fhall have at lcalt or',.
ieprefentative: and until foch enumeration fhall benmide,the fRate of NeW iamnpfhire thl l be en-
titled to chufe thrN, Maflahchufetts eight, RhodeIfland and Providence Plantations one, Cohneict
ive, New-York fixj New-Jerfey four,;Fenfylvania eght, Defaware one, Maryland fix, Virginia
ten, North-Carolina five, South-Carolina five, and Gergia thrqe.
When vacancies happen in the reprefentaton from any flate, the Executive authority thqe of
hliall ifue writs of ele~tion to fillfuch vacancies,.
'theIouife of Repreritatives (hall chofe theirrpea y 7iaudvther officers; avd bay hall have
he (ole power of impeachment.
St- 3  The Senate of the UnitecdStates haIl be compofed.of tw o fenators from  each flate, clh
Ten by the legiflature thereof, for fix years: and echlfenatorA(hail ire one vote.
Immediately after they thall be Ifkembled in coafeoence ofthe filc eleation, thy fhall be divi-
dedas equally as may be into three clale. Thceats of thefenators of the thft dcIs flill be  vact-
red at the expiration of the fecon year of the fcod clafs at thK expiration  i e ortl year, awl
of the third clafs at the expiration of thefixtih'year Fo that one thrd may be e10fen every  econd
yei: (and if vacancies happen by refignation, or otherwife, urtrin therecefs of tle Legillatiie of
iny Rlate, the Executive thereof may. mike temporary appointmets unthe next mneetin  of the
Legiflature.                                                                 -       . 4
No perti ihill be a fasstar witr Ir rtifth&atftain  foheag ofthr  yats, and ben nin
'5 " ' ears a citizen of the United States and w ho itall not, when cictcy, be anuinattant of naate
for which he thaIt  b tiofcn-
The Vice-Prefident of clie United States (hal be, tx oflicio, Prefident of the fenate, but lil
have no vote, unlefs they be cqually divided.
The Senate fhallchoofe theirother officers, and alfo a Prefident pro tempbre, in the abfence of
the. Vice-Prefidentfr whien he Thall exercife the office of Preiderit of the United States.
The Serate flialt have the fole'pover to try all inipeachmcnts.  When fluing for that purpoe,
they hill be&iifU2 s,      n t  e  ident of the United States is tried, the Chief Julice (haiL
Iprelide: Ad no perfon thal be convifted without the concorrence of two-thirds of the members
Judvoserit in cafes of imp'echment fludI iid extendl furthr than to removal from oflic, and dif-
qualification to hold and enjoy any oflice oflonor, trulL or profit.under tre Uinited States: buthe
party ,onvited thall neverthlcfs be liable and (fbjet to indicment_, trial, judgment and punfl-
nent, according to law.
SIea.'4. The times, places and manner of holding cltions for fenstors and reprefentatives, thall
be preferibed in each Rae by the legTILaturetliref: but the Congrets may at any time by law make
or alter fuch regulations. crtafv& c   frc-fcrac]4        .r4c*/y(teza-6-r.
ThCongres thall aflemble at leIftonce in eVery year,and fuch mcting hall beon thehfirf Mo.
day in Decenber, unlefs they fhalil by lW  ppoint a di~erent day.
Sdt. 5. Each hoofe fhall be the judge ofthe celeticus, returns and qalificaItions of its own rnem-
bers, and a majority of each thall conRfitate a qortf to dobuincls: but a.fomaller number may
idjourn from dayto day, and may be authorifed to compel the attendance of abfclnt members, iut
fuch manner, and under fuch penalties as each lioufe may provide.
Each houLfe may determine the rules of its prtcgefdings; punifh its members for. diforderly bcha-
viour; and, with the concurrence of twothirds, expel a member.
Eaeh 1oufe (hai keep * journal of its p oceediogs, fand0from  time to time publih the fame, x-
ccpting fach parts as may in their judgment require fccrecy,; and the yeas and nays of the mcubers
of either houfe on any qudtion hRill, at the defire of onc-fifth of thofe prefent, be entered on the
Neither hoofe, during the fefflion of Cogrfs, flall, without the confet of the other, adjourn
for more than three days, nor to any other place than that in which the two honules.hall be fitting.
817. a:The feflators and reprefentativs fhall receive a compenlticdn for theier frvices, to b.
nfhertained by law, arid pad out of the treaury of the United States. They (hali bit all cafes,cx
cCpt treafon, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged front arrefl dottog thaent itendauce at
the fefoli of. their mcfpelmivc hones, amid 1i1 'going  to and rCLtuning front11i ;theite; and Ifor any
ipeech or debatein either houlf, theym(hi illinot ic quellioned in any othet place.
No fenator or reprefentarive flall, duiing the tinme for which lie vas cleted, be appoited to
any civil oflicecunder the authority Pf the lUnited States, which hall have beenm created or the eino-

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