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Wolff, R. L.; Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / The later Crusades, 1189-1311

Important Dates and Events,   pp. 759-762 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 759

1187 July 4 Saladin defeats the army of Jerusalem decisively at Hattin 
1187 July 14 Conrad of Montferrat lands at Tyre, takes command of defense
1 187 October a Jerusalem surrenders to Saladin 
1187 October 20 Urban III dies; Gregory VIII becomes pope (October 21) 
1187—1190 Saladin conquers almost all the territory of the Latin states
1 1 87 Nov.—Dec. Saladin unsuccessfully besieges Tyre 
1187 December 17 Gregory VIII dies; Clement III becomes pope (December 19)
1188 March 27 Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa takes the cross at Mainz 
1189 January 22 Henry II of England and Philip II of France take the cross
1 189 May 1 i Frederick I leads German crusaders overland from Regensburg
1189 July 6 Henry II dies; son Richard I becomes king of England 
1189 August 27 Guy of Lusignan begins siege of Acre; Pisan fleet blockades
1189 September 6 English crusaders aid Portuguese to recapture Silves from
1189 November 18 William II of Sicily dies; Tancred of Lecce seizes throne
1190 March 22—28 German crusaders cross Dardanelles, start march across
1190 May 18 German crusaders defeat Selchukid Turks, take Iconium 
1190 June 10 Frederick I drowns in Cilicia; army proceeds to Antioch, disbands
1190 July 4 Richard I and Philip II start on crusade from Wzelay 
1190 July 27 Crusaders led by Henry of Champagne arrive at Acre 
1190 September Richard I and Philip II arrive at Messina by different routes
1190 November 24 Conrad of Montferrat marries Isabel of Jerusalem, claims
 1191 March 28 (or 20) Clement III dies; Celestine III becomes pope (March
30, or 24) 
 1 191 March 30 Philip II sails from Messina to Acre, arriving April 20 
 1 191 April 10 Richard I sails from Messina to Crete, Rhodes, Cyprus 
 1191 May 6—June 5 Richard I conquers Cyprus from Isaac Comnenus, sails
to Syria 
 1191 July 12 Acre surrenders after assaults by combined crusading armies
 1 191 July 31 Philip II sails from Acre, leaving Richard I in sole command
 1191 September 6 Richard I defeats Saladin's forces at Arsuf, on way to
 1192 April z8 Conrad of Montferrat is killed at Tyre by Assassins 
 1 192 May 5 Henry of Champagne marries Isabel, rules kingdom of Jerusalem
 1192 May Guy of Lusignan buys Cyprus from Templars, founds dynasty 
 1192 August Death of Selchukid (of Rum) Kilij-Arslan II disrupts Anatolia
 1192 October Richard I sails from Acre; Third Crusade ends 
 1193 March Saladin dies; Aiyubid and Zengid princes struggle for provinces
 1194 February 20 Tancred dies; Sicily comes under Hohenstaufen emperors
 1194 March 25 TökUsh (Khorezm-Shãh) kills Tughrul III (last
Iranian Selchukid) 
 1194 autumn Guy of Lusignan dies; brother Aimery inherits Cyprus 
 1195 April 8 Isaac II Angelus is deposed and blinded by brother Alexius
 1197 September 10 Henry of Champagne dies from fall, leaving no heir to
 1197 September Aimery is crowned king of Cyprus by German crusaders 
 1197 September 28 Emperor Henry VI dies, causing collapse of German crusade
 I 197 October Aimery weds Isabel; they are crowned king and queen of Jerusalem
 1198 January 6 Leon II is crowned king of Armenia by German crusaders 
 1198 January 8 Innocent III becomes pope, soon after death of Celestine
 1 199  First political "crusade" is proclaimed, against Markward 
 1199 late November French counts at Ecry take cross for Fourth Crusade 
 1200 August 4 Saladin's brother al-'Adil is proclaimed sultan of Egypt and
 1202 April Bohemond III of Antioch dies; succession is disputed until 1219

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