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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume IV: The art and architecture of the Crusader states

A History of the Crusades Volumes I-IV: Addenda & corrigenda,   pp. 1-10 PDF (150.2 KB)

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A History of the Crusades 
Volumes I—IV 
Titles of volumes IV, V, and VI, on pages ii of volumes I and II, should
read The Art and Architecture of the Crusades, The Impact of the Crusades
on Islam and Christendom, and An Atlas and Gazetteer of the Crusades, with
All maps in the series, including those of volumes I and II, have been compiled
by Harry W. Hazard and executed by the Cartographic Laboratory at the University
of Wisconsin, Madison. 
 Volume I Volume II 
Page x Under XVII: for Amalric I read Page xxiii Under BAS: for Michele Amari,
 Amalric (also in title, page 528; in head-  Biblioteca arabo-sicula, read
 ings of odd pages 529—56 1; in text, page  arabo-sicula, ed. Michele
 548, line 18; page 624, under 1163; and  UnderPG: for 161 vols. read 167
 page 669, under Amairic I)  UnderPL: for 1844 read 1841 
Page xi Line 7: for Alexius I Comnenus Page 45 Footnote, line 26: for C.
W. Wil 
 read Alexius Comnenus (also in caption,  son read C. R. Conder 
 page 342) Opp. page 123 Map 6, J1d4: move VOLE- 
Page xxxi Under MPG, PG: delete MPG,;  RON northwestward, above small bay;
 for 161 vols. read 167 vols.  I5d5, delete Mount Caryae 
 Under MPL, PL: delete MPL,; for 1844 Page 147 Line 12: for in 1186 read
 read 1841  1187 (also page 201, lines 28—29) 
Page 501 Line 30: for accomodation read Page 162 Line 30: for 94,000 read
 accommodation Page 164 Line 21: for in 1180 read in 1179 
Page 636 Under Corfu: for Corfu (Italian) Page 165 Line 24: for king read
 read Corfu; Corfu (Italian) Page 172 Note 49, line 2: delete in July 
Page 659 Under Speyer: for Spires read  1201; lines 4—6: for there
is . . . reject the 
 Spire  passage read the date of this consecration 
Page 662 Under Tuy: for Tuy (Spanish)  is not certain, but leans toward 1202,
 read Tuy; Thy (Spanish)  while following Cerone in connecting 
 Under Vistula: for Wisla read Wisfa (also  1201 with an archbishop Siegfried
of Mag 
 page 663, under Wisla);for HIb read H4b1  deburg (who seems never to have
Page 667 Under ' Abbadids: for 1068—1091  Ludolph of Kroppenstedt held
the see 
 read 1069—1091 (also page 693, under  from 1192 to 1205). Cerone and
 al-Mu'tamid)  reject the use of this passage to support 
Page 704 Under Toulouse: for II read 11  1201; 

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