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Hazard, H. W. (ed.) / Volume IV: The art and architecture of the Crusader states

Preface,   pp. xxv-xxvi PDF (323.1 KB)

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 There is little I need add to Professor Setton's Foreword, though I should
like to express my hearty concurrence with his tribute to Dr. Boase and his
thanks to Mrs. Carver and Dr. Gassman. To these I here append my appreciation
to Mrs. Mary Maraniss of the University of Wisconsin Press for her meticulous
preparation of the manuscript for the printers, to Professor Randall T. Sale
and his cartographic staff for transforming my crude sketch maps into those
which again embellish these pages, to the anonymous technicians who have
worked so diligently and successfully in preparing the plates chosen by Dr.
Boase and Professor Folda, and not least to my friend and classmate Thompson
Webb, director of the Press, for all his helpfulness. 
 A special word of explanation and appreciation is due Professor Foida, younger
colleague and firm friend of Dr. Boase, who in addition to supplying his
own chapter and plates (some from photo graphs he took especially for this
volume during his recent year in Israel) has cheerfully undertaken the chore
of reading proofs of Dr. Boase's chapters and checking his footnotes (adding
his own com ments, distinguished by his bracketed initials). Without his
compara tively recent addition to our team, the finished volume could not
have been so complete, nor incorporated the latest scholarship so knowledgeably.
Rochester, New York 
April 9, 1976 

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