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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Four-Power communiqué on meetings at Washington, April 1, 1959,   pp. 410-411 PDF (893.3 KB)

Page 410

sent its views on any question which it may consider relevant to -the
problems under consideration. The purpose of the Foreign Min-
isters meeting should be to reach positive agreements over as wide
a field as possible, and in any case to narrow the differences between
the respective points of view and to prepare constructive proposals
for consideration by a conference of Heads of Government later in
the summer. On this understanding and as soon as developments in
the Foreign Ministers meeting justify holding a Summit Conference,
the United States Government would be ready to participate in such
a conference. The date, place and agenda for such a conference
would be proposed by -the meeting of Foreign Ministers. The con-
ference of Heads of Government could consider and if possible resolve
some wider problems such as those referred to in the Soviet Govern-
ment's note of March 2 and in previous communications from the
United States Government and where necessary establish machinery
for further negotiation on these problems.
The United States Government fully recognizes that Poland and
Czechoslovakia, like a number of other countries, have a legitimate
and direct interest in certain matters which will be discussed in the
conference. The possibility of the participation of other countries
at a certain stage in negotiations could therefore be contemplated.
However, the United States Government believes that- the proposed
meeting should at least at the outset involve only the four powers
responsible for Germany. The United States Government also notes
that the Soviet Government agrees with the proposal made in its note
of February 16 that German advisors should be invited to the meeting
on May 11 and be consulted.
The Government of the United States in proposing a Foreign
Ministers meeting on May 11 understands that the Soviet Govern-
ment would find Geneva a suitable location. The Government of
the United States will, therefore, inquire of the Government of
Switzerland to determine if this place and time would be convenient
and also of the Secretary General of the United Nations to ascertain
if the facilities of the United Nations in Geneva can be made
Four-Power Communique on Meetings at Washington, April 1,
The Foreign Ministers of France, the Federal Republic of Ger-
many, and the United Kingdom, and the Acting Secretary of State
of the United States have concluded a series of useful meetings in
Washington March 31 and April 1. They reviewed the report of
the Quadripartite Working Group, which met in Paris from March 9
to 21, as a basis in preparing for the foreign ministers conference
with the Soviet Union scheduled to be held in Geneva beginning
May 11. They provided guidance to the Quadripartite Working
Group for its next series of meetings scheduled to begin in London
on April 13. The Ministers decided on the form of a report which
will be made to the NATO Council Thursday afternoon.
The Ministers conducted their discussions concerning Berlin on the
basis of their declaration contained in the Four-Power Communique
I Department of State press release 240, April 1, 1959.

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