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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Aide-mémoire from the Department of State to the Soviet Ambassador (Menshikov), regarding a summit meeting, March 6, 1958,   pp. 253-257 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 253

efforts on the practical preparations for it, with a view to making such
a meeting possible in the very near future.
' We hope, Mr. President,' that the considerations 'of the Soviet Gov-
ernment concerning' the preparation and the holding of a' summit
meeting will meet with a favorable attitude on the part of the Govern-
ment of the U.S.A.
Statement at News Conference by Secretary of State Dulles, on
German Reunification and a Summit Meeting, March 4,19581
*        *       *      .*        *        *       *
Q. Mr. Secretary, in that connection, do you consider the discussion
of German reunification to be an absolute prerequisite on the agenda
of the Summit meeting?
A. Well, I do not want to say on my own authority that anything
is an absolute prerequisite. We have views of allies which we take
into account, and of course, as far a's the United States is concerned,
the final voice is that of the President. But I would say this: That
the last Summit meeting made three or four rather significant decla-
rations with respect to German reunification. It said, for example,
that there was a "close link" between German reunification and
in Europe. It said that the four powers recognized responsibility for
the reunification of Germany, and it went on to say that the four
powers agreed that Germany should be reunified by free elections in
accordance with the national interests of the German people and of
European security.
It would seem to be at least of dubious wisdom to have a second
Summit meeting which would in effect bury the results of the first
Summit meeting and which would not rather build upon the first
meeting, to go forward. The positon of the NATO countries in that
respect was put forward very strongly, unanimously, at the Summit
NATO meeting held last December. I would feel that if there is a
real desire to make these meetings with the Russians amount to any-
thing, that they should move forward on the basis of building upon
each other, not on the basis of burying each other.
*        *       *        *       *        *       *
Aide-Memoire from the Department of State to the Soviet Ambas-
sador (Menshikov), Regarding a Summit Meeting, March 6,
1958 2
The United States Government acknowledges the receipt of the
memorandum handed by the Soviet Foreign Minister Mr. Gromyko
to the United States Ambassador to Moscow on February 28, 1958.
The United States Government has attentively studied this memo-
1 Department of State press release 1,04, March 4, 19,58.
2 Department of State press release 1,13, March 6, 1958. The Soviet Union
replied in an
aide-m moire of March 24, 1958 (infra).

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