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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Letter from Chancellor Adenauer to Premier Bulganin, on German reunification, January 21, 1958 [extracts],   pp. 236-238 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 236

leaders by giving evidence of a genuine intention to resolve these basic
problems can make an indispensable contribution to clearing away
the obstacles to those friendly relations and peaceful pursuits which
the peoples of all the world demand.
Letter from Chancellor Adenauer to Premier Bulganin, on
German Reunification, January 21, 1958
I was gratified to see from both your letters that the Government
of the Soviet Union is prepared to take all necessary steps to sound
every possibility of rapprochement and of establishing an under-
standing between our two Governments. * * *
You may rest assured, Mr. Chairman, that it is the earnest desire
of the Federal Government to cooperate in achieving these aims. All
responsible statesmen in the world have today the obligation to con-
tribute to the preservation of peace. * * *
In view of this I doubly deplore that you, Mr. Chairman, have
levelled serious reproaches in your two last letters at the Federal Gov-
ernment and the Governments of its allies, reproaches which are com-
pletely unjustified. * * *
For example, you say, Mr. Chairman, that the North Atlantic Com-
munity and its member States are pursuing an aggressive policy. Let
me say in all seriousness and with all emphasis that this allegation is
The North Atlantic Community was established to guarantee the
freedom and security of its member nations. Its only aim is to main-
tain peace in Europe and in the world. * * * We have repeatedly con-
firmed that the Treaty between the 15 nations was concluded to protect
the right of our peoples to live under governments of their own choice
in peace and freedom. The principles of the United Nations Charter
forbidding any war of aggression are the principles to which we ad-
here in the Atlantic Community without restriction or reserva-
tion. v v v
I likewise deplore the fact that you persist in and repeat the allega-
tion that the Federal Government is impeding disarmament. Four
of the five members of the United Nations sub-commission presented
a disarmament proposal last year which received the full and unre-
served approval of the Federal Government. The United Nations
General Assembly adopted these proposals with an impressive ma-
jority. It was the Soviet Union that rejected them. * * *
You assert furthermore that it is becoming more and more obvious
that the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany is prepared
to proceed to atomic armament. You know, Mr. Chairman, that the
Federal Government is actually the only Government of a sovereign
State to have renounced voluntarily the production of atomic and nu-
1 German Federal Press and Information Office Bulletin, January 21, 1958;
by the German Foreign Ministry. The letter was delivered by the German Embassy
Moscow on January 21, 19i58.

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