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Documents on Germany, 1944-1959 : background documents on Germany, 1944-1959, and a chronology of political developments affecting Berlin, 1945-1956

Communiqué by President Eisenhower and Chancellor Adenauer, on Germany and European security, April 9, 1953,   pp. 107-110 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 107

12. Apart from its consideration of the situation arising out of the
exchange of the series of Notes between the USSR and the three West-
ern Powers, the Commission, during the last three-month period, has
also been watching with concern reports of internal developments
in Germany. These have been such as to afford no hope to the Com-
mission that the German authorities in the Soviet Zone of Germany
will co-operate with it in the execution of its task.
13. At its 23rd meeting held on 11 July, the Commission felt that
it might perhaps be well for it to wait to consider the USSR reply to
the Note of the three Western Powers dated 10 July before deciding to
submit the present report and adjourn its session sine die. However,
after further prolonged deliberation, it decided that, if past events
provided any indication of the nature of things to come, there was lit-
tle prospect of its being able to carry out its task any further beyond
what it had been able to do in the preliminary period of its activity.
At its 24th meeting held on 31 July, the Commission decided, there-
fore, to submit its final report and adjourn its session sine die, desiring
however, to maintain its headquarters and secretariat in the Palais des
Nations, Geneva, until the expiry of its mandate. While with the ad-
journment sine die of its session the Commission has left its representa-
tives free to resume duty with their respective Governments, the Com-
mission as a body wishes, however, again to lay stress on the fact that,
in compliance with the resolution of the General Assembly, it will con-
tinue to remain at the disposal of the United Nations and all the par-
ties concerned to carry out its task during such time as the mandate
entrusted to it remains in force, and at such time as it seems likely to
the Commission that it can do so with a prospect of positive results.
14. The following four representatives on the Commission, whose
signatures are appended below, unanimously adopted the report at the
25th meeting of the Commission held on 5 August 1952 in the Palais
des Nations, Geneva.
Signed:            Brazil         A. MENDES VIANNA
Netherlands    M. KOHNSTAMM
Pakistan       A. H. ABBASI
Communique by President Eisenhower and Chancellor Adenauer,
on Germany and European Security, April 9, 19531
The President of the United States, the Secretary of State, and
other members of the Cabinet have met during the past 3 days with
the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and had a full
and frank exchange of views on the world situation in general and on
American-German relations in particular. The conversations took
place in a spirit of friendship and cooperation and revealed a far-
reaching identity of views and objectives.
The President and the Chancellor discussed the effects which recent
developments in the Soviet orbit might have on the East-West con-
flict. They were fully agreed that, while no opportunity should be
missed to bring about a general relaxation of tension, the free nations
of the West must not relax their vigilance nor diminish their efforts
1 Ibid., pp. 1729-1732.

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