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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1873

Commissions under Indian legislation by congress,   pp. [15]-19 PDF (2.1 MB)

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Kansas or Kaw Indians. 
The Kansas Indian lands in Kansas, embracing 137,658-oq- acres of 
unsold "trust lands," and a part of the 80,409-5% acres of what
known as the "1diminished reserve," were, in 1871, offered for
under the provisions of the treaty concluded with said Indians October 
5, 1859. The bids received in pursuance of said offering were consid- 
ered and rejected by the Department, and the whole subject again re- 
ferred to Congress, in order that the Indians might be better protected.
An act passed Congress, and was approved May 8, 1872. Provision was 
made by this act for the appraisement of all of these lands, both "1trust"
and 11diminished reserve," and actual settlers on the trust-lands are
given the privilege of purchasing tracts of 160 acres within one year 
from the date of appraisal. The unoccupied trust-lands are to be sold 
at public sale, after due advertisement, to the highest bidder, for cash,
in tracts not exceeding 160 acres, under such rules and regulations as 
the Secretaipy of the Interior may prescribe. The diminished reserve is 
provided to be sold in tracts not exceeding 160 acres, on sealed bids, 
after due advertisement. A commission was appointed in pursuance of 
said act, and made and reported an appraisement of all the lands, 
which appraisement was approved by the Secretary of the Interior, under 
date of March 3, 1873. The land in the diminished reserve was offered 
for sale, but not enough of this land having been bid for to pay the ex-
penses of the sale, the appraisement was set aside by the Secretary of 
the Interior as being too high, and a new appraisement ordered, and for 
this purpose a commission was appointed. This commission proceeded 
to Kansas, and, after consultation with the superintendent of Indian 
affairs, and an examination of the lands, the chairman reported that 
he did not regard the former appraisement in excess of the real value 
of the lands; the former appraisement was, therefore, restored by the 
Department, and the commission appointed to re-appraise dissolved. 
Further legislation to enable the sale of this land to actual settlers has
been recommended, for the details of which reference is made to that 
portion of this report relative to "1legislation recommended."
The commission appointed last year, under the act of June 7,1872, to 
inquire into the title of the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Sioux In- 
dians to land in Dakota, was intrusted with the duty of procuring the 
ratification by said Indians of the agreement made last year by the 
commission with these Indians, as amended by the act of February 14, 
1873. This duty has been performed, the Indians agreeing to the amend- 
The treaty concluded with the Winnebago tribe of Indians, April 15, 
1859, provided for allotments to said Indians. Owing, however, to the 

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