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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1865

Dakota superintendency,   pp. 183-231 PDF (20.4 MB)

Page 183

which is being opened through their country by direction of Ben. Holliday,
esq., contractor for carrying the mail. They also agreed to use their utmost
exertions to preserve the friendly relations between all the bands of the
Utah Indians and the whites. After this council, I left a copy of it with
Agent Oakes, to be repeated by the interpreter when the whole band ar- 
rived, which I learn was done, and the entire party left for their country
yond the range, in the best of spirts and good feeling towards the whites
and the government, the Tabeguaches agrceing to join their own band again
on their reservation. 
When the goods arrived by express from Nebraska City I was greatly dis- 
appointed to find among them none at all for the Grand River and Uintah In-
dians of the Major Oakes agency, but a large lot for the Arapahoes and 
Cheyennes, yet at war, were received. In the emergency I turned a lot of
the latter goods over to Agent Oakes, which were distributed, as his report
will show, to the great satisfaction of the Indians, who immediately left
their country west of' the range. 
No invoices having been received at the time, of any of these goods, I had
them carefully invoiced as unpacked. The bills of lading and invoicee have
just now arrived, postmarked September 23, Nebraska City; I suppose, 
having been forwarded at this late date by some party in whose possession
they had been left, but there is no clue to the party contained in the papers.
I trust the course I have pursued in this matter, under the assurance of
the department that what I fonnd necessary to do to preserve friendly rela-
tions with these Indians, dated 25th July last will be approved. 
I have my annual report prepared, which shall be forwarded as soon as 
revised and copied-I hope in time to comply with the regulations of the de-
I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, 
Governor C. T. and Ex-officio Sapt. Indian Affairs. 
Hon. D. N. COOLEY, 
Commis.ioner of Indian Affair, Washington, D. C. 
No. 50 . 
October 14, 1865. 
Sin: Matters of a public nature have so fully occupied my time for the 
past two months that I have not been able to find time to prepare my annual
report in accordance with the requirements of your office, and I am not now
sufficiently at leisure to be able to go so fully into Indian matters as
I would 
like, or as would seem to be required of me, in order that you might be fully
advised of the condition and requirements of the service in this superintend-
ency for the coming year; and at this time I feel compelled to rely more
the information you will obtain from the report which will be submitted to
Congress by the Hon. A. W. Hubbard, who has recently made a very thor- 
ough, rigid, and general investigation into the management of Indian mat-
ters in this Territ-ry. than upon anything I can at this time communicate.
The subject of paramount importance to the government, onmany accounts, 
especially in a pecuniary point of view, viz., the temper and disposition
the Indians in regard to peace or war, I regard as virtually settled, so
far as 
they at least are concerned, on the side of peace. That a large majority

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