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United States. Office of Indian Affairs / Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the year 1857

Southern superintendency,   pp. 191-262 PDF (29.2 MB)

Page 191

to make it useful and beneficial to the Indians; but no answer has 
yet been returned. 
I have also been urged, over and over again, to press the opening 
of the Miami school, or to get, if possible, the attention of the head 
of the Indian office at Washington directed to its condition. This I 
have done repeatedly, but more particularly by letters written and 
sent to the proper department under dates of 1st and 14th of February 
last, which contained suggestions and details which I considered 
necessary to be made to enable the authorities to arrive at proper 
conclusions, but no response has ever reached here. The Indians 
think that they are not answered because there may be objections to the 
granting of their requests; but this, they think, should not deprive 
them of a simple answer one way or the other, if it were only three 
It is true that many important communications have been trans- 
mitted from this agency through the superintendent at St. Louis, to 
the Indian office at Washington, in which the Indians in many 
instances were deeply interested, and to which immediate answers 
were necessary, but no answers have been received to any (except one 
quite unimportant) since February last, a term of five or six months, 
although some of them have since been re-written and re-sent. One 
of the most important letters, requiring an immediate answer, was 
written and sent from here to the Indian office at Washington, under 
date of 12th of March last, asking instructions in regard to certain 
fractions of subdivisions of lands which seemed to interpose difficul- 
ties in making the individual selections of two hundred acres each for 
the Miami Indians. This letter has never yet been answered, and the 
work had to proceed without the much needed istructions. 
I do not advert to this disagreeable condition of things with a view 
of fixing censure or blame upon any particular person or place. I 
only report the facts in part, that a remedy may be sought and ap- 
plied. The causes are not within my knowledge ; I can only see and 
feel the effects. The mails may be at fault, or the, fault may be else- 
Very respectfully, your most obedient servant, 
Indian Agent. 
Superintendent of Indian Affairs, St. Louis, Missouri. 
No. 82. 
Fort Smith, Arkansas, September 24, 1857. 
SIR: Sufficient time has not yet elapsed since my appointment as 
superintendent to enable me to visit any other of the tribes under my 
charge than the Creeks and Seminoles) or to make myself thoroughly 

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