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Tuer, Andrew White, 1838-1900 / Old London street cries ; and, The cries of to-day : with heaps of quaint cuts including hand-coloured frontispiece (1885)

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Field & Tuer's List.


Degeneration amongst Londoners. By JAMES CANTLIE, M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[One Shilling.

"A Book that every resident in London should read."

Amongst the Shans : By A. R. Colquhoun, Author of "Across Chrysê," "The Truth about Tonquin," "The Opening of China," "Burma and the Burmans," &c. With upwards of Fifty illustrations, and an Historical Sketch of the Shans by HOLT S. HALLETT, preceded by an Introduction on the "Cradle of the Shan Race," by TERRIEN DE LACOUPERIE. LONDON : Field & Tuer.

[Twenty-one Shillings.

"Should be read by every English merchant on the look-out for new markets."—Globe.

  [p. 140]  

Tree Gossip. By Francis George HEATH. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press.


"Full of racy bits of gossip interspersed with valuable information, amusing anecdotes, and graceful descriptions."— The Paper and Printing Trades Journal.

Socialism of To-day. By Emile de LAVELEYE. Translated from the French by GODDARD H. ORPEN. Including "Socialism in England," by the Translator. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[Six Shillings.

MR. ORPEN has largely added to the importance of this work by giving the first comprehensive account ever published of socialism in England.

Our Grandmothers' Gowns. By Mrs. ALFRED W. HUNT. With Twenty-four hand-coloured Illustrations, drawn by G. R. HALKETT. LONDON : Field & Tuer.


MRS. HUNT gives a short history of the dress of the period, in which she carefully preserves the original descriptions of the plates as given in contemporary fashion-books.

Tennis Cuts and Quips, in Prose and VERSE, with Rules and Wrinkles. Edited by JULIAN MARSHALL, Author of "The Annals of Tennis," Hon. Sec. All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon. LONDON : Field & Tuer.


With the latest (1885) Alterations in Lawn Tennis Laws and Regulations.

  [p. 141]  

The True Story of Mazeppa : The Son OF PETER THE GREAT : A CHANGE OF REIGN. By Viscount E. MELCHIOR DE VOGUE. Translated from the French by JAMES MILLINGTON. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[Six Shillings.

THE weird story herein related possesses an equal interest for the lover of the romantic and the historical.

Monsieur at Home. By Albert Rhodes. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[Two-and-Sixpence ; Cloth, Three-and-Sixpence.

"The typical Frenchman described by a shrewd and keen-witted critic."

"A very good book indeed."—Max O'Rell, Author of "John Bull and his Island," "John Bull's Womankind," &c.

Bartolozzi and his Works : Biographical, Anecdotal, and Descriptive. By ANDREW W. TUER. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.


A COMPLETE guide to the study of old-fashioned prints. Revised with new and interesting matter : in one thick handsome vellum-bound volume, gold lettered, broad silken hands and strings. Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies.

Life of Colonel Fred. Burnaby : By R. K. MANN and J. REDDING WARE. From MSS. left by the Colonel just before he started for Egypt. Embellished with a Portrait in Monochrome from the only Photograph taken of Colonel Burnaby in recent years. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.


  [p. 142]  

Izaak Walton : his Wallet Booke, being the Songs in "THE COMPLEAT ANGLER" newly set forth and Illustrated by JOSEPH CRAWHALL. Hand-made paper ; vellum bound with inside humorously lettered silk-sewn pockets. Edition-de-luxe, limited and numbered. The numerous illustrations all separately hand-coloured. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[One Guinea (500 Copies only) ; Large Paper, Two Guineas (100 copies only). Prices will be raised after publication.

ONE of Mr. Crawhall's engraved blocks—that is the boxwood block itself—will be attached as pendant to a silk book-marker to each copy of the large paper edition only.

Songs of the North, gathered together from the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. Edited by A. C. MACLEOD and HAROLD BOULTON. The Music arranged by MALCOLM LAWSON. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[One Guinea.

Why not eat Insects ? By Vincent M. HOLT. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[One Shilling.

"THEM insects eats up every blessed green thing that do grow, and us farmers starves." "Well, eat them and grow fat !"

On the Stage — and Off : the Brief Career of a Would-be Actor. By JEROME K. JEROME. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press.

[One Shilling.

  [p. 143]  

Aspects of Fiction. By R. S. de C. LAFFAN. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.


"Well written, sprightly, and eminently readable. Mr. Laffan's arguments are logical and even brilliant."—Notes and Queries.

"A quaint specimen of the literature of a bygone age."

Old Aunt Elspa's A B C. Imagined and Adorned by JOSEPH CRAWHALL. LONDON : Field & Tuer.

[One Shilling, or Coloured throughout Two-and-Sixpence.

AN outrageously quaint book, full of illustrations.

"A volume to delight in."—Pall Mall Gazette.

Olde ffrendes wyth newe Faces : Adorn'd with suitable Sculptures by JOSEPH CRAWHALL. The many hundreds of cuts being all hand-coloured, the issue is necessarily limited. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[In one thick 4to Volume, Twenty-five Shillings.

REPRODUCTIONS in facsimile of a large selection of the crudely printed and humorously illustrated pamphlets that were hawked about the country by the chapmen of a bygone age. The illustrations will provoke smiles from the gravest.

Amateur Tommy Atkins : A Volunteer's experiences related in the Letters of PRIVATE SAML BAGSHAW to his Mother. Illustrated with many clever silhouettes. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[One Shilling.

AN amusing relation of the experiences of a volunteer recruit at drill, in camp, and on the march.

  [p. 144]  

"Is the only practical and common sense book on the subject we know of."—The (American) Book Buyer.

John Oldcastle's Guide for Literary Beginners. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

[One Shilling.

Bartolozzi Prints. Descriptive Prospectus on application. LONDON : Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

"From Messrs. Field & Tuer we have received some interesting specimens, in red and brown, from the original copper-plates engraved by Bartolozzi. Some of the 'Cupids' are perfect gems. The variety is extensive, and well worth the attention of collectors. The beautiful examples, mostly of a fanciful character, are direct impressions from plates—all in fine condition—that have been gradually accumulated by a well-known collector during the past twenty years. Although engraved nearly a century ago some of the copper-plates have never before been published, and are therefore in proof condition. These engravings are not to be confounded with the faded reprints from worn-out plates which for years past have disgusted the collector."— Whitehall Review.

"With Bad Paper, one's best is impossible."

The Author's Paper Pad (Issued by the Proprietors of The Leadenhall Press). Contains, in block form, fifty sheets of paper, fibrous and difficult to tear as a piece of linen, over which—being of unusual but not painful smoothness—the pen slips with perfect freedom. Easily detachable, the size of the sheets is about 7 1/2 x 8 3/4 in., and the price is only that usually charged for common scribbling paper. THE AUTHOR'S PAPER PAD may be comfortably used, whether at the desk, held in the hand, or resting on the knee. As being most convenient for both author and compositor, the paper is ruled the narrow way, and of course on one side only.—Sixpence each, 5/- per dozen, ruled or plain.

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