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Information bulletin


Information bulletin
Frankfurt, Germany: Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany Office of Public Affairs, Public Relations Division, APO 757, US Army, October 1951

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Table of contents, p. [1]

Foreign ministers' declaration on Germany, p. 2

Phoenix at Reichswald, Fellner, Cherry Lou pp. [3]-6

German scientific research, McLaughlin, Helen pp. [7]-[9]

[Keeping youth on farms], Mahoney, Haynes R. pp. [10]-12

Friendship camps, Coppock, Mary M. pp. [13]-15

Blockade-born university to stay, p. [16]

Student participation at Berlin's free university, Anthon, Carl G. pp. [17]-[20]

Labor's unfinished tasks, Brown, Harvey W. pp. 21-[22]

Czechoslovakia a concentration camp, refugee official says, pp. 23-24

Nation of youth , Saliger, Wilfried pp. [25]-26

MDAP aid to Denmark (pictorial), p. [27]

Communique on European unity, p. 28

Report on Germany--our progress, problems and objectives, McCloy, John J. pp. [29]-33

Attitude toward Jews, p. 34

Hitchhiking through America, Baer, Otto pp. 35-38

Second armored division, pp. [39]-[40]

New gadgets for 1952!, p. [41]

Erksdorf, model of cooperation, Peabody, James B. pp. [42]-[43]

Partnership in sacrifice, Buttenwieser, Benjamin J. pp. [44]-46

Fellowship between schools, Brand, Frances C. pp. [47]-48

Industrial activities slacken, Cefaratti, A. J. pp. 49-51

Personnel notes, pp. 52-[54]

Congressmen tour Germany (pictorial), p. [54]

America's faith in Europe, Burkhardt, Frederick H. pp. 55-57

US replies to Czech note, p. 58

They rode "Freedom train" (pictorial), p. [59]

Calendar of coming events, pp. 60-61

German editorials and cartoons, pp. 62-65

In and around Germany, pp. 66-69

Ordinance no. 15--hunting code for occupation personnel, pp. 70-73

Official notices, pp. 74-76

Recent publications, p. 76


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