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Constitutional documents and records, 1776-1787


Jensen, Merrill, Editor
Constitutional documents and records, 1776-1787
Madison, Wisconsin: The State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1976
v. ; 24 cm

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[2]

[Title page], pp. [3]-[4]

Foreword, Rhoads, James Berton pp. 5-[8]

Introduction and acknowledgments, Cushman, Robert Eugene, 1889-1969 pp. 9-16

Contents, pp. 17-22

Introduction to The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution, pp. [23]-[24]

Introduction and acknowledgments, Jensen, Merrill pp. 25-29

The sources, pp. 30-38

Organization, pp. 39-42

Editorial procedures, pp. 43-47

American newspapers, 1787-1790, pp. 48-50

Constitutional documents and records, 1776-1787, pp. [51]-70

I. The Declaration of Independence, pp. [71]-76

II. The Articles of Confederation, pp. [77]-94

III. Ratification of the Articles of Confederation by the states in Congress, 22 June 1778-1 March 1781, pp. [95]-[138]

IV. Amendments to the Articles of Confederation, grants of power to Congress, and ordinances for the Western Territory, 3 February 1781-13 July 1787, pp. [139]-174

V. The calling of the Constitutional Convention, 21 January 1786-21 February 1787, pp. [175]-190

VI. Appointments of delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 23 November 1786-15 September 1787, pp. [191]-230

VII. The resolutions and draft constitutions of the Constitutional Convention, 29 May-17 September 1787, pp. [231]-[302]

VIII. The report of the Constitutional Convention, 17 September 1787, pp. [303]-320

IX. The Confederation Congress and the Constitution, 20-28 September 1787, pp. [321]-[354]

Index, pp. 355-391 ff.


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