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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of six porcupines and two hedge-hogs,   pp. 147-154 ff.

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                  of'tIo HE DG-HO GS.
l3reech, and to gather up the wvhole 1Body lik1e a Bill; wLwlR  tle tHIc-
H, ufes todo when it cannot fave it Ielf by fili'flt: hi* '-biin this poftrue
it Is ail over covered withl its Prickles, and tIe iJ1)Xs know noTl jo\w
LO talkc
him without being P'ricked. Pliny reportS thLat if notwivliilandiiii tLi-
Prxcaution), ie perceives hlimfelf in danger, lie let's fly his Urine,  hiDih
knows to have the quality of vitiating his Skill, alnd iakini, ,,1l his 1'rickleks
to fall ott, as it were to deprive the Hunters of tlc PriiiCipal FrUit ci
Labour, which is this Skin, which the Ancients had in great etleemn, by rd
obn that it ferved tlhem for Brulhies to clean tleir C(loathls.
  The Liver had feven Lobes, one of which was divided in two. 'The (3all-
Bladder was in the middle of the two upper Lobes, which were the greaLcif
Its Forme was Ovale. It was eight Lines long, very full and 13lewilh
  The Vene Lac7exe were \V hite and very apparent in the .11Jffntery ; and
-the Receptacle of the Chyle was great, ample, and full.
  The Slecn waslayd on the Ventricle, to which it was faflned, by twelve
branches from the Vas Breve. It was long and cut like a C(ck's Comb. I'lle
Pancreas to which it was fatned, had the Iamne Forme: It dilferCd ther-
from only in Colour, the Pma4reas being WVhitifh, and the Spleen of a jBlack-
if Red.
  Thle Inteflines were all alike in Subftance and thicknefs. There was no
Cecum. They contained all together four Feet in length.
  The Kidneys were an inch long and eight Lines broad. They wvere of
an Olive Colour, the right being fituated higher that the left.
  The Bladder was an inch and a half long and an inch broad.
  In the Male the Teficles were in the Belly ; which, according to Arijiotle,
is peculiar to the Hedg-Hog, which amongfl all Quadrupeds that do ingender
a perfed and living Animal, is the only one whofe Tefticles are inclofed
it,as in Birds. Thefe Tefticles hlad a very larg Epididymis, which received
Vafa Spermatica Prxparantia divided into four Branches, and which were fL-
parately inferted into them from the bafis to the greater half of their length.
This E'pididymis was not feparate from the Teficle,as in thle Porcupine,but
therto faftned, all its length. The Va/a Spermatica Deferentia proceeded
the top of the Epididymis. The Tefficle and its Veffels were tyed and fhfpend-
ed by a Ligament whiclh might paffe for a Cremfter, becaufe that it was a
Membrane which appeared Ibmewhat Flelhy near the Tefficle. The reft
of this Membrane was extended and inlarged after the manner of the broad
Ligaments of the Vteras. It had a great many Veffels of which two of the
cheif did make a very confiderable Anaffomtfis, by croffing one another in
the middle. They proceeded from the Vafs Spermatica Preparantia, as firom
their Trunck, and were diliributed through this whole Membrane, extended
like the Wings of a Batt ,as in the Vteriis; fo that confidering the greatnefs
and Number of thefe Veffels, which were not proportionate to the quantitie
of the Nouriflment which the Membrane mighlt require, it mnilght be pro-
bably thought that the ufe of this Struaure was, that the Arteria Spermatica
might fend to tills Membrane a part of the bloud which it carryes to the
Teliic , to be prepared in tills great Number of branches ; in which the
mnamder that cannot be imployed to the Nourifhirent of thle Membrane
feemed to be f'ometime retained, and perfeded by thls long retention, to
inarbled afterwards to reflow into the Trunck of the Spkrmitick Artey, and
                                 U                              S1111 7

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