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Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
(MDCLXVII [1667])

[Observ. XVII. Of petrify'd wood, and other petrify'd bodies],   pp. [Schem X]-112

Page 111

             lCRO G R          AP [-l I Ai                     tIt
Ithefefitures, by breaking fume of thete ftones,l found to be the ter"Ni
or boundings of certain diap1ragms. or partitionswhich feem'd to divide
the cavity of the Shell into a multitude of very proportionate and regu-
lar cells or caverns, thefe Diapbragns; in many of them, I found very per-
feet and compleatr, of a very diflinft fubftance from that which fill d the
cavities, and exaffly of the fame kind with that which covered the out-
fide, being for the moft part whitilh, or mother-of-pearl colour'd.
  As for the cavities between thofe Diapkrgwms, I found fome of them
fill'd with Marlie, and others with ftveral kinds of ftones, others, for
moft part hollow, onely the whole cavity was uf'ually covered over
with a kind of tartareoks petrify d fubfrance, which ftuck about the fides,
and was there thot into very curious regular Figures, jugf as Tartar, or
other diffiolv'd Salts are obferv'd to flick and cryliallize about the fides
the containing Veflels; or like thofe little Diaavants which I before ob-
ferved to have covered the vaulted cavity of a Flint ; others had thefe
cavities all lin'd with a kind of v.Ietall/ie or marchafite-like finbflance,
which with a Aicrojtope I cotuld as plainly fee moft curiously and regu-
larly figured, as I had done thofe in a Flint.
  From all which, and feveral other particulars which I obferv'd, I can-
not but think, that all thefe, and moft other kinds of Itony bodies which
are found thus ftrangely figured,do owe their formation and figuration,
not to any kind of Pajikic virtue inherent in the earth, but to the Shells
of certain Shel-fifbes, which, either by forne Deluge, Inundation, Earth-,
quake, or fome fuch other means, came to be thrown to that place, and
there to be fill'd with fome kind of Mudd or Clay, or petrifying Water,
or fome other fubftance, which in tradt of time has been Iettled toge-
ther and hardned in thofe fhelly moulds into thofe fhaped fubftances we
now find them ; that the great and thin end of thefe Shells by that Earth-
quake, or what ever other extraordinay caufe it was that brought theni
dtlither, was broken off; and that many others were otherwife broken,
bruifed and disfigured ; that thefe Shells which are thus fpiraliied and
parated with Diaphragmeswere fome kind of Naiutili or rorcelame Jhells
and that others were {ihells of Cockles,AuJtles,reriwincles, Scolops,&c.
various forts ; that thefe Shells in many, from the particular nature of
containing or enclos'd Earth, or fome other caufe, have in trat of time
rotted and mouldred awav, and onely left their impreflions, both on the
containing and contained fubftances 5 and So left them pretty loofe one
within another; fo that they may be eafily feparated by a knock or two
of a Hammer. 'Ihat others of thefe Shells, according to the nature
of the filbftances adjacent to them, have, by a long continuance in
that pofture, been petrift'd and turn'd into the nature of ftone, juft as
even now obferv'd feveral forts of Wood to be. That oftentimes the Shell
may be found with one kind of fubftanee within, and quite another
without, having; perhaps, been fill'd in one place, and afterwards trarifla-
ted to another, which I have very frequently obferv'd in Cockle, AfftJck,
reriwincle, and other fhells, which I have found by the Sea fide. Nay,
fiurther, that fome parts of the fame Shell may be fill 'd in one place,
                                               J             ~~~~~forge

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