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History of Science and Technology

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Chambers, Ephraim, 1680 (ca.)-1740 / Cyclopædia, or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing the definitions of the terms, and accounts of the things signify'd thereby, in the several arts, both liberal and mechanical, and the several sciences, human and divine : the figures, kinds, properties, productions, preparations, and uses, of things natural and artificial : the rise, progress, and state of things ecclesiastical, civil, military, and commercial : with the several systems, sects, opinions, &c : among philosophers, divines, mathematicians, physicians, antiquaries, criticks, &c : the whole intended as a course of antient and modern learning

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The Rev. Wjigm   lohnfl, Ror o
St. Andrews in Iamaica.
Martin Innys of Briflol, Gent.
Mr. Edward Yones of Brifol, Memth.
Mr. Jeremy Innys of BriJlol, Merch.
Mr. Stephen Theodore Yanffen of Lon-
don,; Merchant.
Mr. Michael tohnfon of Litchfield.
HE Right Hon. Gerard de Cour-
T    cy, Lord Kingfale.
The Hon. Mr. Kreienberg.
'Thomas Knight Efq;
Thomas Kennedy Efq; Colledcor of the
Cufloms at Exeter.
Abel Kettelbey of the Middle Temple,
E fq;
Mr. Y. Knowlton of Leighton Beau-
Mr. Mofes Kendall.
Mrs. Kennon.
T VHE Right Hon. the Earl of
I L   Lauderdale.
Sir Berkley Lucy, Baronet.
Richard Lely Efq;
Richard Lyddell Efq;
Henry Lawton of Lincolns-Inn, Efq;
Corbyn Lygon of Maddersfield in Wor-
ceflerlhire, Efq;
The Reverend Mr. Lufkin.
Mr. Lunde of Briftol.
Mr. William Laurie of Bridgwoter.
Mr. Richard Lifett, Attorney at Law.
Mr. James Logan of PenJjlvania.
Mr. James Leake, Bookfeller in Bath.
Mr. 7.Leech, Bookfeller in Knutsford.
Mr. S. Lobb, Bookfeller in Chelmsford.
Mrs. Lomax.
H TIS Grace the Duke of Montague.
Hl HisGrace the Duke of Montrofe.
His Excellency Alexander Earl of
Marchmont, his Majefty's Ambaf-
fador Extraordinary and Plenipo-
tentiary to theCongrefs atCambray
The Right Hon. the Earl of Mac-
The Right Hon. the Lord Middleton.
The Right Hon. the Lord Minto.
His Excellency 7ohn Montgomery Efq;
Governor of New York.
Dr. John Burchard Menckenius, Coun-
fellor to the King of Poland, and
Profeffor at Leipfick, F. R. S.
Sir George Markham, Baronet.
Sir John Mitchel of Wefit-hore, Bar.
Sir Richard Manningham M.D. F.R.S.
The Hon. Samuel Molyneux Efq;
The Hon. Thomas Maynard Efq;
The Hon. Col. Robert Monro.
Morgan Mrgan of Llanrumny in Mon-
mouth/hire, Efq;
J7ohn Maine Efq; of theCuflom-houfe.
Alexander Murray of Broughtor, Efq;
Wiliam Macdowal Efq;
William Morgan Efq; -
John Mulcafler of Whitehaa, Efq;
John Manley Efq; of theCuftomhoufe.
William Morrice Efq;
Thomas Mafler of Cireacefter, Efq;
George Mitchell EfqL
The Rev. Dr.Middleton, of Cambridge
The Reverend Dr. Robert Maxwell.
The Reverend Mr. John Maxwell.
Colin Mac Laurin, M.A. , Prafeffor of
Mathematicks at EdinburgbF.R.S.
Mr. J7ohn Machin, Profelfor o(Aftro-
nomy at Grelvmam College.
Robert Michel, M. A.
Mr. J7ohn Baptifi Meyer, Merchalnt.
Mr. Richard Moore of Hul 7 Bopks.
Mr. Philip Miller, of the Phyfk
Garden, Chelfey.
Mr. Yohn Mka4ham, Apothetary.
Mr. Collet Mzawwood.
Mr. Yohn Mitton.
Mr. John Chriflopher Martini.
T HE Rt. Hon. the Lord Napier.
T    The Hon. Governor Nicholfou.
Gawen Harris Na/h Efq;
Ralph Noden Efq;
H E Right Honourable the
T Earl of Oxford.
The Right Hon. the Earl of Orrery.
Yohn Orlebar of the Middle 7emple,
The Reverend Mr. George Ojborne.
Mr. Thomas ollff.
Mr. J7ohn Owen of Hemflead.
T HE Rt.Hon.theEarl of Portmore.
TThe Rt.Hon. the Lord Primrofe.
Sir J3ohn Pryce, Baronet.
Sir Thomas Parkins of Buny in Not-
tingham/hire, Baronet.
Sir Robert Pollock of Pollock, Baronet.
Sir Robert Pye, Baronet.
The Honourable Mr. Juffice Powys.
3ohn Pringle of Hanning, Efq;
J7ohn Porter Efq;
Richardfion Pack of Bury St. Edmonds,
Edward Paulet Efq;
David Papillon Efq;
John Powel, M. D.
The Reverend Dr. George Pye.
The Reverend Mr. John Pitcairne of
Great Yarmouth.
Mr. William Pepys.
Mr.Chriflopher Pinchbeck, Clockmaker.
Mr. Samuel Pratt.
Mr. Sames Pratt.
JHjIS Grace theDukeof Q.eensberry.
TIS Grace the Duke of Roxburgh.
,.  . Sir Thomas Renton, Baronet.
Philip Ronayne Efq;
Thomas Robinfon of Rookby Park in
York/hire, Efq; F.R.S.
Richard Reynolds of the Inner Temple,
J7ohn Rogers Efq;
The Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Roffel.
The Reverend Dr. Rundle.
Dr. Robinfon.
Mr. J7ohn Martin de Rhon.
Mr. J7ames Rocke of London, Gold-
Mr. Yohn Robarts.
Mr. Thomas Reddal'of Everjbolt in
HE Rt. Hon. the Earl of Stairs.
1The Right Hon. the Earl of
The Right Hon. the Earl of Stafford.
The Right Hon. the Lord Somervile.
The Right Hon. the Lord St. John..
The Right Hon. the Lord St. John
de Bletfoe.
The Right Hon. the Lord Southwell.
Sir Philip Sydenham, Baronet.
Sir Robert Smyth, Baronet.
SirGeorge Sanders, Kt. Commiffloner
of the Vi~tualling Office.
Sir Walter Senferf.
Sir J7ohn Smith.
Sir Conrad Sprengell, M.D. F.R.S.
Alexander Steuart, M.D. F.R.S.
James Steuart of Torrence, Efq;
Thomas Skeffington of Skeflington in
Letcefler/hire Efq;
Thomas Salt Efq;
W111iam Singleton IEf
7ohn Stebhens Efq;
Samuel Strode of Punslorne in hert-
fordjhire, Efq;
Wgiam Scourfield jun. of Moat in Pem-
brokebire, Efq;
Thomas South Efq;
7ames Smith Efq;
Dr. Zfaac de Sequera Samudla, F. R. S.
Dr. john George Steigertahl, F. R. S.
Peter Short of Lindfield in SuffexGent.
Yohn Skinner of the Poultrey, Gent.
John Silk Gent.
William Symmonds Gent.
Mr. John Searle, Proitor in Doaors
Mr. George Smith, Clerk of the City
Mr. 7ohn Stone, Apothecary;
Mr. 7ofeph Stevens of High Wickham.
Mr. Thomas Sharret.
Mr. Robert Salter.
Mr. Jonas Sedgley.
HE Right Honourable the
T     Lord 7irevor, LordPrivy Seal.
The Right Hon. the Marquis of
The Right Honourable the Earl of
The Right Hon. the Lord Vifcount
The Right Hon. the Lord Tarbat.
The Right Hon. Richard Tighe, Efq;
one of the Privy Council in Ireland.
The Honourable Thomas Trevor, Efq;
The Honourable Yohn 7reivor, Efq;
Cholrnley liurner of Kirkleatham, Efq;
Edmund Turner Efq;
John 72opp of the Inner Temple, Efq;
Jehn Thornhil E4q;
;ohn Thre/her- of the Middle Temple,
William Triggs of the Inner7emple,Efq;
Richard Taylor Efq;  -
Brook Thylor L. L.D.' F. R.S.
Mr. Thomas Bacon T'ownfend.
GEorge TVenables Vernon Efq;
_TJ 'Mr. Richard Vicke, Watchma-
ker to his Majefly.
. W.
T HE Rt.Hon.the Earl of Wemys.
T     Sir Anthony Wefcombe, Baro
The Hon. Sir Thomas Wertworth, of
WentworthHoufie rork/ire, Kt. of
the Bath.
Sir George Walter, Kt.
The Hon. Thomas Wlloughby E fq;
Knox Ward Efq; Clarencieux King
of Arms.
John Warburton Efq; Somerfet Herald
at Arms, and F.R.S.
George Wynne of Leefwood, Efq;
Thoma. Weflcrn Efq;
Edward 'Webb of Grays-Inn, Efq;
John Wliams Efq;
Francis Wollaflon Efq;
Granvile Wheler Efq;
William Walter Efq;
John Wigan M.D.
William Woodford M.D.
Mr. Wefion, of the Academy at
Mr. Thomas Watts, of the Acadeiny
in Tower-flreet.
Mr. Samuel Warner, Mathematician.
Mr. William Wefl of Covent-Garden.
Mr. Elijah Waring of Whitney.
Mr. John Waghorn, Bookfeller in
Mr. Richard Warner.
Mr. Thomas Warren, Bookfeller in
T     H IS Diaionary making 5 12 4heets and an half, is reckon'd to the Subfcribers
at Four Guineas, tho it comes
T     to fomething more at z d. per Sheet, according to the Propofils; without
computing the Cuts, which are
all given in.                                 3

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