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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of eight ostriches,   pp. 217-238 ff.

Page 227

                 of Eigbt OSTRICHES.                            227
It went only fomewhiat contraaing towards the extremity of the Intefiine,
proportionally as the Intefline is leffened, which went pointing, as in moft
gQmsdruped's, and contrary to the Nature of Birds, where this IntefJine keeps
the f{ime breadth throughout its wholelength,and which fomtinles increaf-
es it elf, as we have obferv'd in the Pintado, where this enlargement is
more confiderable, than in any other Bird that we have feen.
  At the extremity of the Re['.i11m there was a great Bladder fill'd with
rine, to the quantity of eight Ounces: It might contain ones tWo Fills.
Thle Mernbranes whicil compolcld it, were like to th ofe of the Inttefines;
they were a little thicker. In one of our Subjcils, which was a Female,
this Bladder was dilfeminated on the infide with a great number of Vreffels,
which came as it were from a Center, and fpread over its whole capacity:
Thefe VetTels were not vilible in the other SubLjeLls. Direffly over thlis
Center, was tle hole through which the Re~him emptied it Ifl' into the Blad-
der  'Twas a very ftraight hole, in the middle of a Tumour of about
the bignefs of a Nutt, which made as it were a Hex's Ar'l.  At the bottom
of this great Bladder there were likewife two holes, which xxcre the
Mouthes of the Lreters, which did run betwixt the two Tunicles of the Blad-
der, like to that of Terrefjrial Animals. Underneath thefe two holes was
an oval Aperture ten Lines in length, which had a Membranous border,
by the means of which it might be clofed, when it came to be compreffed
by the weight of the Urine: For then this Membranous border joyned it
feWfto a fwelling or round Body, being of about the bignefs of ones Fift,
of a middle Subttance between a Cartilage and a Ligament. IThis Tuber j'iti
was cleft in the middle after the manner of an Apricok, being faftened on
the infide to the Os Pubis.
  This Oval Aperture gave paffage into a fecond Bladder or Pouch], leffer
than the firfi, and which was not made to containe the Excrements, but on-
lytogive thempalfage, according asits Tanice did more orlels comprcls,
and clote the T'uberofitie which did fill it, by af Aclion like to that of
Membranous border of the Oval Aperture.
  Tihe Penis in moft of our Subjeds was compofed of two Sublatnces, viz.
of white, thick, Nervous, folid Membranes, and of white Ligaments, of
the famne Subltance as the Membranes, but a great deal harder and nmore fo-
lid, having neither in the Membranes nor in the Liigaments any Veffels,
nor Cavity: lThey appear'd compoed only of tranl1 ert' h' res very com-
pac. The external Membrane which covered the whole Penis v. as thL
thickef: IThe internal did immediately invelope each of the two Ligamnents,
which were feparated from each other, and were united about two Fingrs
from the extremity. There was one longer than the reft ; he. longelif was
two Inches: IThey were each four Lines Diameter towallds their 13.ifs, go-
ing pointwife towards the extremity.  The Origine of this Pexis was at the
Cartilaginous ftvelling which was faftened to the internal part of the joyn-
ing of the Os Pmbis, of which it is jult before fijoken ; froin thence it
w%, as
relleEted turning Ihort downward , entred into tile littie) Pouuil , and
came out at the external orifice of this little Pouch, whiclh is the /Atxm.
This Aperture was bordered with . Semicircular fold, wh-ch enabraced tlhe
Penisat the place where it went out. In flhorr this Pcnis had neither Glaxd,
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