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Chambers, Ephraim, 1680 (ca.)-1740 / Cyclopædia, or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing the definitions of the terms, and accounts of the things signify'd thereby, in the several arts, both liberal and mechanical, and the several sciences, human and divine : the figures, kinds, properties, productions, preparations, and uses, of things natural and artificial : the rise, progress, and state of things ecclesiastical, civil, military, and commercial : with the several systems, sects, opinions, &c : among philosophers, divines, mathematicians, physicians, antiquaries, criticks, &c : the whole intended as a course of antient and modern learning

Antinomasy - Arbor,   pp. 110-128 ff. PDF (18.5 MB)

Page 110

1hetary's Shop-: It will anfwer the Phyfcias Intentiion
whether he wants to employ a Cathartic, or an Emetic, a
Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Deol;*uent, Bezoardic, Cordial,
RAgulus of ANTIMONY, or Purifwation of ANT I MONt.
See xEC U LUS of 4ntimony.
Of this are made the Pillult Perpetue, finum Emeti-
-cum, &c. See PILLVUL)E TPerpetue, EMETIC Wine, 01a
Glafs of ANTIMONY, Vitrum Antimonii, is crude Wnti-
7nony ground and calcined by a vehement Fire, in an
earthen Crucible till it ceafe to fume, which is a Proof
that its Sulphur is evaporated-The Calx is then vi-
trified in a Blind Furnace;i upon which it becomes tranfpa-
rent, ruddy, and (hining. See GLASS.
'This is the ftrongeil nmetic of any Preparation of za-
timony. See EMETic.-Yet, if diffolved in Spirit of
Urine, it ceafes to be either Emetic, or Cathartic i even
tho' the Menilruum be drawn from it.
Flo-wers of ANTIMONY, is Avti0onfy pulverized, and
fublimed in an Aludel; the volatile Parts whereof fick to
the fubliming Pot. See FLOWER and SUBLIMATION.
This is alfo a powerful Vomitive i of fingular Efficacy in
maniac Cafes; being the Hercilean Remedy by which
fome have gain'd fo much Reputation.
Another fort of Flowers are made of the Regulus of Zn-
timony with Sal-Ammoniac fublimed as before;i which make
a Remedy fomewhat gentler than the former.-Ielmont
alfo gives us a Preparation of purging Flowters of Antimo-
ny. See DiAPHORETIC Antimony.
Butter of ANTIMONY, is a white, gummous Liquor;
otherwife cali'd Icy Oil of Antimony. It is ufually prepared
of crude (tho' fometimes of Regulus of) Antimony, and cor-
rofive Sublimate, by pulverizing, mixing, and diffilling 'em
by a gentle Heat  upon which the Butter rifes into the
heck of the Retort; from which, when full, it is to be
melted down into the Receiver, by the Application of live
It is of a very fiery, corrofive Nature, fo as to be a Foifon
when ufed internally. Externally it is applied as a Cauffic,
to ilop Gangrenes, cure Caries's, Cancers, Cc. See CAU-
This Butter may be converted into an Oil, called alfo
reclified Butter of A4ntimon7y; by gently diffilling it a fe-
cond time; which renders it more fluid, fubtile, volatile,
and efficacious.   This digefted with thrice its Weight
of Alcohol, makes the purple T'inlure of Antimony, a Se-
cret highly valued by Mr. Boyle, as an excellent Vomit.
The fame Butter precipitates by warm Water, into a
white, ponderous Powder, or Calx, call'd Merctrilus Vitel,
and Powder of Algarot; reputed a violent Emetic.
Of Butter of antimony is aifo prepared the Bezoar Mi-
neral; by diffolving the reiificdl Putter with Spirir of
Nitre; then drying the Solution, and applying more Spi-
rit of Nitre; and repeating this a third time. The white
Powder remaining at laf}, kept nearly red-hot for half an
Hour, is the Bezoardicum Mineral. See BEZOAR.
Cinnabar of ANTIMONY, IS prepared of Mercury, Sul-
phur, and Antimony mixed and fublimed in a luted Eolt-
head, and a naked Fire.-It is a good Diaphoretic and
Alterative. See CIINNABAR.
There is alfo a Cinnabar of Antimony procured after the
Butter of Intimony has done rifing, by increafing the De-
gree of Fire.  -This fublimed a fecond time, makes a
yet better Cinnabar.
Croczes, or Liver of ANTIMONY, is the fame with what
we otherwife call Crocus Metallorum; excepting that this
latter is more mild and lefs emetic; being made by re-
peated Lotions of the former, in warm Water, and then
drying it again to a Powder. See CROC US Metallorum.
It is alfo call'd I'erra Sanda Rulandi, Yferra Aurea,
T'erra Rutbra, &c.
Diaphoretic ANTIMONY, is prepared of Antimony pow-
der'd and mixed with three times the Quantity of Nicre ;
and the Mixture thrown at feveral times into an ignited
Crucible: upon which, a Detonation enfues. What remains
being kept in Fufion a quarter of an Hour, turns into a
white Mafs call'd Antimonium DiaphoreticUm Nitratum,
or Diaphoretic Antimony with Nitre; being hereby be-
reaved of its emetic and purgative Virtue, and rendred
only Diaphoretic. See DI APHORETIc.
If the Air can have Accefs to it, it will again become
emetic. See AIR.
There is'alfo a kind of fweet Diaphoretic Antirnoy;
made of the former, by pulverizing, boiling it in Water,
and filtrating the Decottion: U pon which, a white Powder
,will be left in the Filtre; which being wafhed by repeated
Effilfions of warm Water, and dried, is the dulcified or
cormon Dlia phoretic Antmny.-This is given as an
Alexipharmic in malignant Fevers, Small-Pox, Eec. parti-
cularly in cafe of Deliriums. It is alfo applied in fcorbu-
tic and venereal Diforders: Though the learned !Boer-
kaave abfblutely decries it, as a mere a
tute of all medicinal Virtue, and only I
u? the Body, by its Inataivity and Weig
Diathoretic Nitre of ANTIMONY,
the Solution oT the preceding Prepan
Fire to a drynefs; upon which, there r
pofed of Nitre4 and the Sulphur of th
Nitrum  Antimoniatum.-    It is no C
Sal fPrunelhe, or Sal TPolyohrefum;
found aperitive, cooling, diuretic; goo
Fevera, gc.  See PRUNELLAI and PoL1
Golden Sulphur of ANTIMONY, iS
which arifes in preparing the Regulus
trating the hot t:ecolion, and adding
Upon which the whole coagulates, cha
Colour, emits a flercoraccous Odor, an
Powder. The whole Mafs being wafh
fufions of Water, till the Liquor come
infipid, and then dried, it becomes a
the Golden Sul.pbur, or Precipitate of 2
account of its own Colour, or the yel
Glafs, Metals, Eic.-4t either proves
diuretic, or fudorific, as its Force happeu
Cerufs, or Calx of ANTIMONY, is th
with Spirit of Nitre, in a Sand-Furnace
ter the Fumes are all fpent, is a white P
ing walh'd fweet, is the Cerufs requirc
retic, and by many fet on a footing wi
Magiflery of ANTIMONY, is crude Antimony
with Aqua Regia eight or ten Days; to which,
then put, but pour'd off again e'er it fettle: TE
repeated till there remain nothing behind but a i
Powder ; which, being fuffer'd to fettle, and the X
canted off, becomes by repeated Ablutions, an inf
gifltcry. See MAGiST ERY.
Its Operation is rather cathartic than emetic, tl
AN T I M O NY revivified, Antimonium refficitatum, is pre
pared of Flowers of Antimony and Sal-Ammoniac, digel
in diflill'd Vinegar; then exhaled, and the remainder
fweetned by Ablution.-It is emetic, and fometimes alfb
fudorific; good in Mahiacal Cafes, Lc.
All thefe Preparations of Antihony, how fevere fo£v6
alone, may yet be fo managed, as to operate little or nol
thing at all in the Prime Vie, nor be perceived till they
are got into the fmalleff Veffels -And then it is they
are qualified to combat the Gout, Pox, Evil, e5c. See
ANTINOMASY, or rather ANTONOMASY, a Figure
in Rhetoric, whereby a Noun Appellative is ufed in=d
of a proper Name. See FIGURE and NAME.
Thus we fay, the 'Philofopther, inflead of 4riftotle; tha
Orator, for Cicero; the Apofile, for St. Paul, &c.
Thus alfo we call a voluptuous Perfon, a Sardanapalus, S&.
And thus we fay Henry the Great, meaning Henry IV. -o
The Word is compounded of the Greek 477 for, and
iOVG,8N Name.
ANTINOMY, Antinomia, a Contradiclion betw
two Laws, or two Articles of the fame Law. See LaNs
The Word fometimes alfo fignifies an Oppofition toa
Law; whence a Se& of Enthufaflls, who are for ci
Gofpel-Liberty above all moral Regards, and iii
Motives of Virtue as infufficient to Salvation, are caNle
The Word is derived from the Greek atone contra
ptpyl, Lex, Law.
ANTINOUS, in Allronomy, a Part of the Coi
tion Aquila, or the Eagle, See EAGLE.
ANTIIPAGMENTS, Antipagmenta. See ANT
Averfion of one Body to another, .In this
Word flands oppofed to Sympathy. See SYMPi
Such is commonly faid to be between the -
and the Tortoife, the Vine and the Elm, the T,
Weezel, the Sheep and the Wolf, the Olive ar
e _c.
Merfenne, in his .Quefl. Comment. in Genef:
more extraordinary Inilances; > as, that a Drum
Wolf-Skin, will break another made of a Sheep-
Hens will fly at the Sound of a Harp firung wi
Strings, gc. See other Matters relating to this I
the Articles SouND, Musicx, TUNE, TA
Mr. Boyle mentions "a Lady, who having a
"tiparhy to Honey; and her Phyfician cOnci
igreat meafure imaginary, mixed a little Hor
dicine applied to her Foot: But he oon r

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