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Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926 / Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application

Luther Burbank -- the sum of his work with plant life -- what it has meant to science and agriculture,   pp. [155]-[201] PDF (10.3 MB)

Page [201]

Just as followers of Weissmann were obliged
to shift their ground to meet the evidence brought
by new experiments, until finally all that remained
of their doctrine had been substantially har-
monized with and blended into the broader and
earlier theories of Darwinian heredity, only the
doctrine of the continuity of the germ plasm re-
maining as a permanent acquisition; so the attempt
to make "Mendelism" comprehend the entire sub-
ject of heredity, has necessitated a perpetual modi-
fication of the point of view, and an amplification
of the terminology to meet the facts of more com-
prehensive experiments, until Mendelism has come
to be harmonized with and blended in the more
comprehensive knowledge of heredity, leaving
only the formulae associated with dominance and
recessiveness to mark the individual contribution
of Mendel to the all-comprehending subject of
-Into an atmosphere of in-
quiry and doubt and solicitude,
came the document from Santa
Rosa, ostensibly only a nursery
catalog, but conveying a mes-
sage on heredity that made
itself heard far beyond the
province of the nurseryman.

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