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Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926 / Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application

Luther Burbank -- the sum of his work with plant life -- what it has meant to science and agriculture,   pp. [155]-[201] PDF (10.3 MB)

Page 195

the records of such hybridizing have been lost. His
essential experiments had to do with garden peas
and with the manner of transmission of the minor
difference between varieties of these peas-tall-
ness versus shortness of stem, purpleness versus
whiteness of flower, yellowness versus greenness
of pod, and so on.
But the peculiar manner in which these antago-
nistic pairs of qualities are given representation in
the offspring of parents having the opposite traits,
is precisely duplicated when the cross-fertilization
is similarly effected between allied species that
show corresponding diversities.
In each case, the essential fact is that certain
minor characters or groups of characters tend to
assume prepotency or dominance in hybrids of the
first generation; and that both the dominant and
the submerged (or recessive) characters appear
in the hybrids of the second generation segregated
and variously recombined, so that where several
pairs of qualities are under consideration, the off-
spring of the second generation constitute a most
heterogeneous lot, in which the diversified traits
of their grandparents are mixed and blended and
mosaiced together in every conceivable combina-
Not only were these essential facts clearly
revealed by my early hybridizing experiments,

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