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History of Science and Technology

The Smithsonian Institution


True, Webster Prentiss
The Smithsonian Institution
New York: Smithsonian institution series, inc., 1938

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The patron's edition of the Smithsonian scientific series

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Preface, Abbot, C.G.



Part I: A bird's-eye view of the Smithsonian and a visit to its halls

Chapter I: What is the Smithsonian, pp. 1-6

Chapter II: The United States National Museum, pp. 7-29

Chapter III: How the National Museum originated, pp. 30-40 ff.

Chapter IV: Reservoirs and streams of knowledge, pp. 41-61

Chapter V: Measuring life-giving sun rays, pp. 62-78

Chapter VI: Our National Zoo, pp. 79-102 ff.

Chapter VII: Preserving the vanishing story of the Indians, pp. 103-126

Chapter VIII: The National Gallery of Art, pp. 127-139

Chapter IX: The Smithsonian's greatest private trust- The Freer Gallery of Art, pp. 140-152

Chapter X: What people want to know, pp. 153-171

Chapter XI: What the Smithsonian publishes, pp. 172-189

Chapter XII: Exploring to the ends of the Earth, pp. 190-210

Part II: The beginnings of the Smithsonian Institution

Chapter XIII: James Smithson and his will, pp. 213-225

Chapter XIV: Richard Rush and the gold, pp. 226-237

Chapter XV: How congress established the Smithsonian, pp. 238-253

Chapter XVI: Eight great regents, pp. 254-273

Chapter XVII: Four great secretaries, pp. 274-298

Chapter XVIII: The beginnings of the Weather Bureau, pp. 299-310

Chapter XIX: The origin of the Bureau of Fisheries, pp. 311-323

Chapter XX: Recent Smithsonian activities, pp. 324-356

Conclusion, pp. 357-358

Index, pp. 359-362

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