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History of Science and Technology

Minerals from earth and sky


Merrill, George P.; Foshag, William F.
Minerals from earth and sky
New York: Smithsonian institution series, inc., 1938

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Preface, Merrill, George P.

Part I: The story of meteorites

Chapter I: Introductory and historical, pp. 1-26 ff.

Chapter II: Phenomena incidental to fall, pp. 27-41

Chapter III: Areas of distribution, pp. 42-53

Chapter IV: The number, size, and form of meteorites, pp. 54-63

Chapter V: The composition and structure of meteorites, pp. 64-78 ff.

Chapter VI: Names and classification, pp. 79-81

Chapter VII: Whence do they come?, pp. 82-99

Chapter VIII: Early uses of meteoric iron, pp. 100-106

Bibliography, pp. 107-108

Appendix I, pp. 109-114

Appendix II, pp. 115-164

Part II: Gems and gem minerals, pp. 165-166

Preface, pp. 167-168

Chapter I: Introduction, pp. 169-171

Chapter II: Crystals and their growth, pp. 172-177

Chapter III: The properties of minerals, pp. 178-189

Chapter IV: Kinds and occurrences of gem minerals, pp. 190-288

Chapter V: Synthetic gems, pp. 289-290

Chapter VI: Collections and collectors, pp. 91-305

Chapter VII: The cutting of gems, pp. 306-315

Chapter VIII: Gems mentioned in the Bible, pp. 316-319

Selected bibliography, pp. 320-322

Index, pp. 323-331

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