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History of Science and Technology

Man from the farthest past


Bishop, Carl Whiting, 1881-1942; Abbot, Charles Greeley; Hrdlička, Aleš. Abbot, C. G. (Charles Greeley), 1872, Editor
Man from the farthest past
New York: Smithsonian institution series, inc., 1930

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[Frontispiece] A fanciful sketch of prehistoric man which suggests the rude conditions of his life

[Title page]



Preface, Bishop, C. W. pp. i-iii ff.

Chapter I: Man's theater of action, pp. 1-11

Chapter II: The chorus of man's stage, pp. 12-22

Chapter III: The development of the individual human being, pp. 23-36

Chapter IV: The study of human prehistory, pp. 37-55

Chapter V: The Ice Age, pp. 56-70 ff.

Chapter VI: Man the cave dweller, pp. 71-82

Chapter VII: Neanderthal man, pp. 83-109

Chapter VIII: Neanderthal man (continued): remains of early man near Weimar, pp. 110-133

Chapter IX: The most ancient remains of man: the Piltdown remains, pp. 134-165

Chapter X: The unfolding of man's intelligence, pp. 166-181

Chapter XI: The Old Stone Age, pp. 182-233

Chapter XII: The Middle Stone Age, pp. 234-245

Chapter XIII: The New Stone Age, pp. 246-265

Chapter XIV: The Age of Bronze, pp. 266-293

Chapter XV: Ancient Egypt, Asia Minor, and Crete, pp. 294-312

Chapter XVI: Other centers of civilization, pp. 313-325

Chapter XVII: Prehistoric man in the New World, pp. 326-351

Chapter XVIII: New discoveries concerning ancient man, pp. 352-373

Bibliography, pp. 374-380

Appendix: Neanderthal remains, pp. 381-385 ff.

Index, pp. 387-397 ff.


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