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Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon


Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703
Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses : with observations and inquiries thereupon
London: Printed for John Martyn, printer to the Royal Society, and are to be sold at his shop at the Bell a little without Temple Barr, MDCLXVII [1667]
[36], 246, [10] p., [38] leaves of plates (some folded) : ill.

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[Orders from the Council of the Royal Society of London for Improving of Natural Knowledge to print Robert Hooke's book]

[Title page]

To the King

To the Royal Society

The preface

[Observ. I. Of the point of a sharp small needle], pp. Schem: I-4

Observ. II. Of the edge of a razor, pp. 4-5

Observ. III. Of fine lawn, or linnen cloth, pp. 5-6

Observ. IV. Of fine waled silk, or taffety, pp. 6-7

Observ. V. Of watered silks, or stuffs, pp. 8-10

Observ. VI. Of small glass canes, pp. 10-32

Observ. VII. Of some phænomena of glass drops, pp. 33-44

Observ. VIII. Of the fiery sparks struck from a flint or steel, pp. 44-47

Observ. IX. Of the colours observable in muscovy glass, and other thin bodies, pp. 47-67

Observ. X. Of metalline, and other real colours, pp. 67-79

Observ. XI. Of figures observ'd in small sand, pp. 79-81

Observ. XII. Of gravel in urine, pp. 81-82

Observ. XIII. Of the small diamants, or sparks in flints, pp. 82-88

Observ. XIV. Of several kindes of frozen figures, pp. 88-93

Observ. XV. Of kettering-stone, and of the pores of inanimate bodies, pp. 93-100

Observ. XVI. Of charcoal, or burnt vegetables, pp. 100-106 ff.

[Observ. XVII. Of petrify'd wood, and other petrify'd bodies], pp. [Schem X]-112

Observ. XVIII. Of the schematisme or texture of cork, and of the cells and pores of some other such frothy bodies, pp. 112-121

Observ. XIX. Of a plant growing in the blighted or yellow specks of damask-rose-leaves, bramble-leaves, and some other kind of leaves, pp. 121-125

Observ. XX. Of blue mould, and of the first principles of vegetation arising from putrefaction, pp. 125-131

Observ. XXI. Of moss, and several other small vegetative substances, pp. 131-135

Observ. XXII. Of common sponges, and several other spongie fibrous bodies, pp. 135-140

Observ. XXIII. Of the curious texture of sea-weeds, pp. 140-141

Observ. XXIV. Of the surfaces of rosemary, and other leaves, pp. 141-142

Observ. XXV. Of the stinging points and juice of nettles, and some other venomous plants, pp. 142-147

Observ. XXVII. Of the beard of a wilde oat, and the use that may be made of it for exhibiting always to the eye the temperature of the air, as to driness and moisture, pp. 147-152

Observ. XXVIII. Of the seeds of Venus looking-glass, or corn violet, pp. 152-153

Observ. XXIX. Of the seeds of tyme, pp. 153-154

Observ. XXX. Of the seeds of poppy, pp. 154-155

Observ. XXXI. Of purslane-seed, p. 156

Observ. XXXII. Of the figure of several sorts of hair, and of the texture of the skin, pp. 156-162

Observ. XXXIII. Of the scales of a soal, and other fishes, pp. 162-163

Observ. XXXIV. Of the sting of a bee, pp. 163-165

Observ. XXXV. Of the contexture and shape of the particles of feathers, pp. 165-167

Observ. XXXVI. Of peacoks, ducks, and other feathers of changeable colours, pp. 167-169

Observ. XXXVII. Of the feet of flies, and several other insects, pp. 169-172

Observ. XXXVIII. Of the structure and motion of the wings of flies, pp. 172-174

Observ. XXXIX. Of the eyes and head of a grey drone-fly, and of several other creatures, pp. 175-180

Observ. XL. Of the teeth of a snail, pp. 180-181

Observ. XLI. Of the eggs of silk-worms, and other insects, pp. 181-182

Observ. XLII. Of a blue fly, pp. 182-185

Observ. XLIII. Of the water-insect or gnat, pp. 185-193

Observ. XLIV. Of the tufted or brush-horn'd gnat, pp. 193-195

Observ. XLV. Of the great belly'd gnat or female gnat, p. 195

Observ. XLVI. Of the white featherwing'd moth or Tinea argentea, pp. 195-198

Observ. XLVII. Of the shepherd spider, or long legg'd spider, pp. 198-200

Observ. XLVIII. Of the hunting spider, and several other sorts of spiders, pp. 200-202 ff.

[Observ. XLIX. Of an ant or pismire], pp. Schem. XXXII-205

Observ. L. Of the wandring mite, pp. 205-207

Observ. LI. Of the crab-like insect, pp. 207-208

Observ. LII. Of the small silver-colour'd book-worm, pp. 208-210

Observ. LIII. Of a flea, pp. 210-211

Observ. LIV. Of a louse, pp. 211-213

Observ. LV. Of mites, pp. 213-215

Observ. LVI. Of a small creature hatch'd on a vine, pp. 215-216

Observ. LVII. Of the eels in vinegar, pp. 216-217

Observ. LVIII. Of a new property in the air, and several other transparent mediums nam'd inflection, whereby very many considerable phænomena are attempted to be solv'd, and divers other uses are hinted, pp. 217-240

Observ. LIX. Of multitudes of small stars discoverable by the telescope, pp. 241-242

Observ. LX. Of the moon, pp. 242-246

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