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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The anatomical description of two sapajous and two other monkeys,   pp. 157-164 ff.

Page 157

                         O F TWO                   .
        S APA JO US
               AND TWO OTH E R
T    He Species of Apes are very nunmcrdou. Pliny red uce;4,themq under two,
      GJenus'S., viz. Itoe whc  iav  Tai1, and thofewhich have none.
The Tail-lefs Ape is by the Latines fimply call1ed ~Simia. TihofZe Which
a Tail are of two Species. The Latinies haVe 'borrowed~ of the Greeks- thie
names wh ich they do give them : for fomne are called, Crcopitbeci, from
name of the Genus, that is to fay, Tailed-Apes ; others cynoceplitaiso
fay, which have a head like a Dog byraoCftelnTh I fa thetir~ Nofe
      X~~~~~~~~q byreo of the Te'ih- the Nr               f L
The dffernces of Ape 'are taken in French, principally fom their fize, for,
the great ones are fimply called Singes or pes, whether they have a Tail
or no ; or whether they have a long Nof likeaogor ahocrt ne ;and the
little Apes are called Gmenons or A'Jionkeys.
  The four Apes which we defcribe were of the Genus of the Cercopitheci,
becaufe that they had Tails. But their fmalnefs permites themi to be ranged
only under the Genus of TMnkies.
  They were but fourteen inches fom the Crown of the Head- to, the begin-
ing of the Tail, which was tWenty inches; The Arm     ldi four inches;
from the Elbow to the end of the fingBers.h wa'saxs fiches:r the Thigh four
a halfe: the Leg five, and the Foot our, from the Heel to theen of the long-
cft Toe.  They did likewife all agree in feveral other things, which, ard
common almoft to all 4pes. viz. i.' That they had Hairs on each Ey-Midi
which Ariftole has obferved to be peculiar to the Ape, among the Padrwtdi.'
Thefe Haires according to Ariftotes, obfervation, were f'fbdin that it Was
hard to defcern them.
  2. That in the lower Jaw there was a Pouch or Sack on each fide into

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