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Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 / Memoir's for a natural history of animals : containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris

The explication of the figure of two sapajous and two other monkeys,   p. 156

Page 156

i56                    The Anatomical Dcfcription
'The Explication oftbe Figure of two Sapajous and two other Monkeys.
T    He lower Figure fbowes how the Hands and Feet of the Ape do diffir
T     from the Hands and Feet of Man, the thumb of the Hand being Ifinalt
and the great Toe of the Foot very large, and the other Toes extraordinary
long.  Here is not described the Figure of the fourth Ape, which is the fe-
cond Sapjoa, becaufd that it was wholy like to that which is here reprefent-
ed, except the Nofc, which was longer.
                             In the Vpper Figure.
A. The Umbilical Peine.
B B. Thc two riEht Lobes of the Liver.
C C. T'1e two left Lobes of tihe Liver.
D. Thefifth, Cleft and making as it were two Leaves.
E. The Gall-Bladder.
F. The Ducius Cyllicus.
G G G. The three Du~lUs Hepatici.
4. 5. 6. Three Branches that come out of the fir,#.
H. T'Ie common Dua us.
l.The Ventricle.
K. The Spleen.
L. Tbe Pancreas.
M. The Cxcum.
N. The end o; the Ileum.
0. The beqinnlng of the Colon.
P. A Gland aJined to the lower part of the Trank of the Cava.
QRQ. Tvo oiher (ulands fvajned to the two IliackVeines.
R R. The Tefficles.
S S. The Clandulotis Prollates.
@9. The Bladderfb turned p+fide down as to hide the Penis.
T T. The Brain.
t t. 1 Je back part of the Brain without Anfraauofitys.
V. The Bladder in the Natural fitution, and opned to Jhew the Caruncle Y
   the thicknef of the Proftates a. .
X . The Parallata Cyrfbides.
Y. Tie Oaruncle at the beqining of the Urethra.
3 . 1The Glanduloms Prolla Les w ich look but like the thickning of the ANeck
 f the

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