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History of Science and Technology

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Chambers, Ephraim, 1680 (ca.)-1740 / Cyclopædia, or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing the definitions of the terms, and accounts of the things signify'd thereby, in the several arts, both liberal and mechanical, and the several sciences, human and divine : the figures, kinds, properties, productions, preparations, and uses, of things natural and artificial : the rise, progress, and state of things ecclesiastical, civil, military, and commercial : with the several systems, sects, opinions, &c : among philosophers, divines, mathematicians, physicians, antiquaries, criticks, &c : the whole intended as a course of antient and modern learning

Chambers, Ephraim
[Dedication] To the King PDF (1.2 MB)

A'T  ) T H E
Hi _
K . -
.. _
.  ffi  .  . .  ffi
S I R   ,
H E A R TS and S CI E NCE S humbly crave Audience of Your Majeffy.
The near Concern they have in the Happinefs of a People, afluires 'em of
I. ~the favourable Attention of a Prince who makes that Happinefs his own.,'
'Tis by Thefe, the Parfimony of Nature is fupplied, and Life render'd
eafy and agreeable under its numerous Infirmities.  By thefe the Mind is
from its native Wildnefs ; and enrich'd with Sentiments which lead to Virtue
Glory. 'Tis thefe, in fine, that make the Diferenice between your Majefty's
je~sts and the Savages of Canada, or the Cape of Good Hope.
TH.E Proteffion of A R T s has ever been efteemed the proper Province of
treat. 'Tis a Branch of the Regal Office ; which a Prince, like Your Majefty,
to the whole Charge of a Crown, will not fuffer to be alienated into other
from this, do the' Wftr and moft diftinguifhi'd Nanies in the Lift of Fame,
derive a large
Share of their Glory : and if there be any Age or Nation more confpicuous
than the
reft, and which is look'd on with Envy by our own; 'tis that wherein the
have fignaliz'd themfelves moft in this Quality.-Indeed, the Time feerns
at hand,'
when wve are no longer to envy Rome her Aucu S Ts Uand AtIGUSTAN AGE, but
Rome in her turn fhiall envy ours.
SOME T H ING extraordinary is apparently intended by Providence in calling
fuch a Prince, to- fuch a People : A Prince who feels a generous Impulfe
to devote his
Cares and all his Toils to the Welfare of Mankind 5 and a People confpiring
with unex.,
amnpled Ardor and Unanimity to all his glorious Views.  Some of our bell
have had their Hands ty'd down;5 chec.k'd by reluiftant Fadions, who oppofed
every nobler Defign: Your Majefly has found the happy Secret, to make even
Contenion d  you  omage; and turn Oppofition itfelf ito Approbation, and
THERKE is a Timen referv'd in Fate for every Nation to arrive at its Height;
and the uppermoft Place on the Terreftrial Ball is held fuccelffvely by feveral
May not the nulnerous Pref-ages wvhich Lufher in Your MVajefty's Reign, give
us room
.   .~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~t
11 ....
_ _

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